Tambittu Arati for Kanyakaparameshwari/Sri Vasavamba

It is Vasavi Jayanti today. Vasavi Jayanti or Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Jayanthi is the birth anniversary or first appearance day of Goddess Vasavi, also known as Goddess Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari. Vasavi Jayanthi is observed on Vaishakha Shukla Dasami, tenth day in bright fortnight in Vaisakh month. We A.Vysyas are treated with good lunch in Vasavi Temples followed by various entertainment programmes.

Arathi for vasamba is made with Tambittu. This is a very tasty arathi that someone can have :) Here is the recipe for this tambittu from my sisters mother-in-law.

You need the following to make tambittu:

Akkihittu/Riceflour - 1 cup
Hurgadalehittu/Pottukadalai Flour/roasted chanadal powder- 1/4 cup
Shengapudi/Powdered peanut- 1/4 cup
Bella/Jaggery/Palm sugar- 3/4 cup or 1 cup
Ellu/Sesame Seeds- 2tsp
Hasikobbari/Grated Fresh Coconut- 1.5 cups
Onakobbari/Grated Dry coconut -  2 tbsp
Tuppa/Ghee- 2tsp

1. Powder hurgadale/pottukadalai/roasted chanadal and keep it aside
2. Roast peanuts, deskin and powder them
3. Dissolve powdered jaggery in 1 cup warm water and filter it. Bring the jaggery water to boil
4. Fry sesame seeds till brown.
5. Mix roasted chanadal powder, powdered peanuts, sesame seeds and rice flour
6. Add fresh coconut to boiling jaggery powder and cook coconut till it browns or takes up the color of jaggery
7. Reduce the heat and put the flour mix to the above mixture little at a time. Mix well after you add to prevent the formation of lumps. Finish off adding all flour mix to get tambittu. Switch off the stove.  Close and keep till it cools down.
8. If you dont want to make arathi then enjoy your tambittu.