Bhagara Baingan ~ curried brinjals

Thanks to 'VahChef' for inspiring me to cook Bharaga Baingan. I liked his recipe  'Bhagara Baingan'.

Pulut Hitam ~ Black Glutinous Rice Pudding

Pulut Hitam in Malay is  'Black Glutinous Rice Pudding' in English. Black glutinous rice pudding is an avatar of kheer for locals and Malaysians.

My colleagues say "if you have not eaten pulut hitam, you have missed something very tasty yet simple to make' . Here you go, Pulut Hitam made in Indian kitchen for Indian audience :)

Orange Yogurt Muffin Cake

Loved this muffin cake to the core! Got the recipe from a colleague and credits to both, the blog and my colleague who introduced me to this wonderful recipe.