Keep it Ready - Preserved Raw Mango ~ Kitchen Essentials

We love raw mango rice, mango pickle, mango thokku, mango...I can keep telling the list. I preserve raw mango(freeze them) when they are abundantly available during the season. The below picture is preserved mango of 2008 April season.


How do you preserve them ?

Mangoes : 2 big (Pickling variety/Totapuri)
Salt : 4tbsp

Wash, wipe mangoes. Peel the skin with dry hands. Grate the mangoes.
In a freezer safe container. layer mangoes. Add a tbsp of salt. Layer again..the salt layer should be the last layer.
Let this stand for a day outside (with the lid closed) before you put them in your freezer.
You can preserve raw/unripe mangoes like this for a year or more.
Just take care that you don't add or add less salt while cooking with this preserved raw mango.


Tan.wiratchada said...

This raw mango make my mouth watering.. :P

Maya said...

Nice info here..I will keep this in mind :)

sowmya's creative saga said...

thats a lovely lovely tip for preserving mangoes.