Anouncing AFAM-Jackfruit

This month's 'AFAM' theme is Jackfruit. Maheshwari is the brain behind AFAM. Many thanks Maheshwari for providing an opprtunity to host such a juicy fruity event. I hope you all enjoyed cooking 'Persimon' which was the theme for the month of January.

Few rules of the event :

1. Cook any tasty dish using raw/ripe jackfruit. You can even send in dishes where jackfruit seeds & jackfruit leaves are used in cooking.
2. You can use fresh fruit or canned fruit for cooking....anything which is easily available.
3. You can send your previous entries, but you should have atleast 1 fresh entry to accompany your previous entries.
4. If you have any previous posts list them and link them back to your earlier posts in a new post or in simple words re-publish them.
5. Link back your entries to this announcement post and also to Maheswari's blog http://publishtoday(dot)blogspot (dot)com
6. Your entries should accompany a photograph. Photo size : width should be 400 pixels, length no problem.

7. The format for sending your entries :
Name of the dish:
URL of the dish :
Your Blog name and your name :
8. All entries should reach me by 3 March 2009. Email your entries to lakshmi(at)tasteofmysore(dot)com

9. If you have any questions regarding the event drop in a email to lakshmi(at)tasteofmysore(dot)com

10. Non-blogger entries are accepted too :)

I have created two logos for the event, use which ever you like :)

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