Hunase Gojju

These days I find very less time for anything including sleeping which used to be my favorite activity. How  life became so busy :( is a long story. For these busy days, I always keep few things ready in refrigerator, which comes handy when I can't cook huli (sambar) or saaru. I saw this particular hunase gojju recipe on youtube. This was from Mrs Lalithamma, who anchors in 'ammana kairuchi' section of Oggarane Dabbi programme on Zee Kannada. Smt Lalithamma, your recipe is a hit at my home, thanks a ton to you. 

Hunase huli/Tamarind Juice : from a golf ball sized tamarind
* a concentrated pulp means less messier workspace, fast preparation
Bella/Jaggery/Palm Sugar : according to taste
Kottambari beejada pudi/Coriander seeds powder: 1/2 tsp

Fry and Powder
Kempu menasinakayi/Red Chillies : 10
Menthe kaalu/Fenugreek Seeds : 10 seeds
Uddinabele/Urid Dal: 1/2 tablespoon
Kadalebele/Chanadal: 1tablespoon
Bili Ellu/White Sesame: 2 tablespoon (if u dont like the taste n smell of sesame you can reduce it)

Ellenne/Sesame oil, Hing/asafoetida, Peanuts (generous amount), curry leaves, broken red chilli pieces 

Garnishing : grated/shredded fresh coconut and chopped coriander leaves

1.Soak tamarind in water for 15 mins. Take out juice and keep it aside. Do not add more water to the juice.
2.Powder jaggery and keep it aside
3.Fry and powder the ingredients under this section.
* Do not fry fenugreek too much as it may turn bitter
*When frying sesame spray little water over sesame to avoid popping of seeds around your kitchen counter
4.Heat sesame oil. Add hing, followed by tamarind juice. Boil tamarind juice till it becomes thick like sauce. Add jaggery, salt and powder to it and fry for next 3-4 mins till the mixture thickens and oil oozes out. Check for salt and sour levels. If the mixture is sour you can add more jaggery.
5.Switch off the stove and let the mixture cool.
6.When the mixture is warm sprinkle coriander powder over the mixture and mix well.
7.Make oggarane in another pan using sesame oil, hing,mustard,peanuts, curry leaves and broken chillies.

Mixing with rice
Cook rice. Spread the rice in a plate to cool it down.
Add little hunase gojju, oggarane and mix well.
Garnish with coriander leaves and coconut before you serve :)

Note to Readers : I could not locate the video on youtube. If you get the link, please post it in comments section and I will link it to my recipe.

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