Fruit Cake for Christmas

                                   Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all !!!

Bread Uppitt

                                                                       Bread Uppitt

Sugarless Halwa ~ Figs, Dates & Raisins rock

                      Got loads of dry fruits post Deepavali ? Try Figs, Dates and Raisins Halwa..

Rave Unde / Rava Laddu

One of the Indian sweets, that needs no introduction and every Indian has some memory attached to it.

Bhagara Baingan ~ curried brinjals

Thanks to 'VahChef' for inspiring me to cook Bharaga Baingan. I liked his recipe  'Bhagara Baingan'.

Pulut Hitam ~ Black Glutinous Rice Pudding

Pulut Hitam in Malay is  'Black Glutinous Rice Pudding' in English. Black glutinous rice pudding is an avatar of kheer for locals and Malaysians.

My colleagues say "if you have not eaten pulut hitam, you have missed something very tasty yet simple to make' . Here you go, Pulut Hitam made in Indian kitchen for Indian audience :)

Orange Yogurt Muffin Cake

Loved this muffin cake to the core! Got the recipe from a colleague and credits to both, the blog and my colleague who introduced me to this wonderful recipe.

Raw Banana and Noodles Cutlets

This is one simple recipe which will appease children anytime, if they are cutlets and noodle lovers at the same time. This recipe does not involve deep frying.

Gowri Ganesha Festival Preparations -Cotton Art

2 decades ago, making cotton garlands for dieties was part of festive preparations. Thanks to small scale industries in India, these things are readily available in wide range of designs. Revisiting an old hobby after a long time made my day.

Carrot Cake

                               Baked two cakes back to back. Lemon cake and Carrot cake. We loved both.

Snake Gourd Palya

" The best seasoning to food is the love you put in it"

I read the above statement somewhere on the internet. I loved it instantly and thought of sharing it with my readers here.

Snake Gourd Palya

Ingredients :

Snake Gourd (Padavalakayi) : 1
Hesarubele (Moongdal) : 5 tbsp
Green Chillies : 2 (slit vertically)
Onion: 1 (chopped into fine pieces)
Grated fresh coconut: 1tbsp
Turmeric :  a pinch
Chopped Coriander leaves for garnishing
Oil for seasoning
Mustard, Asafoetida powder and curry leaves for seasoning
lemon juice

1. Cut snake gourd into small (1/2") pieces. Wash moongdal. Cook gourd pieces and dal with a pinch of turmeric in pressure cooker with enough water just to cook dal.
2. Heat 1 tsp of oil, add asafoetida, mustard and curry leaves . Add slit green chillies, chopped onions and give a good stir. Stir and fry until onions turn soft and pale brown. Add in gourd & dal mixture, salt, grated coconut and stir well. Bring it to boil.
3.  Taste to adjust salt. When palya is warm, add lemon juice and mix well. Garnish with coriander leaves.

Enjoy! :)


Berlotti Beans ~ Sambar

I was not aware of the name untill I googled for it, but I have cooked them umpteen times. This Italian origin beans blends well with Indian sambar powder and tastes excellent with hot rice.

Berlotti (Borlotto) Beans - how it looks -

Rava Rotti / Rave Rotti (with a demo video)

Posting my first ever home-made video to make banale (ba-na-le`) rotti which literally means rotti on a pan.

Coconut and Saffron Ice Cream

Verdict - Delicious
A totally different flavor for ice cream which is light and creamy. All you wanna say is 'one more scoop please'...

Methi Na Gota


I must admit that the flavors of Gujarat refuses fade away from my kitchen despite leaving the land itself for 10years now. We enjoy Khakhra's and my Indonesian helper has mastered the art of khakra making. This time around, I made some Gota. Gota refreshed gastronomic memories of our stay in this Gandhian land. The 'many' ingredients added to the dish slowly take charge of your tastebuds at first and then, you get 'intoxicated' to these crispy, yummy and flavorful pakoras (Gota is a subset of pakoras, eh..for the benefit of non-Indian readers). A soft-hearted pakora with an crisp exterior makes every bite worth the 'guilt' that you are enjoying. Batches after batches drained on a tissue paper does not seem to quench the 'hunger'. Sometimes, hunger is more for your emotion than your 'cells' under which case, 'Gota' makes a perfect case to win your emotional hunger. I hate to write just for this, because the taste of the dish, refuses to fade away from my memory :D .Folks, enjoy Gota!!!

Soppina Huli ~ Mix greens sambar

A reader requested to post this and it is my pleasure to share this with you all..

Soppina Huli and mudde is a lipsmacking combination. It tastes good with rice too. For a tasty soppina huli, you need a mixture of Spinach (palaka/palak soppu), Menthe soppu (fenugreek/methi leaves), sabsige soppu (dill leaves/suva ). But, other combinations include stems of dantina soppu (amaranth leaves) and amaranth leaves themselves. Amaranth leaves comes in two colors - red and green. A mixture of both in sambar tastes yumm too. Here I have used amaranth leaves for making soppina huli.

Chopped Amaranth Leaves ready for making Huli aka sambar

Cooking Classess for our colleagues :)

One of my colleague wanted to eat uddina vade and poori and she was equally excited to learn how-to-cook. After this cooking session, she made at home and she is slowly trying to get her hands over it.

What an enthusiasm to learn a cuisine which is not your own but you love it to the core! I love my colleagues energy levles when it comes to 'learning to cook'. Our multi racial group has Chinese, Malay, Myanmar, Indian, Malyasian etc., who love good food.

Here are some of the pictures which captures us when we were deeply engrossed in cooking..

Dishes made : Poori Saagu, Uddina Vade

Uddina Vade:

Happy Ugadi

Dear Readers and Visitors,

Taste of Mysore wishes you all a very happy and blessed Ugadi. Maja Maadi. :D


P.S. TOM is on a short holiday. See you all back soon.

Apricot Jam

Trust you all had a fantastic beginning to new year. Taste of Mysore starts with a sweet beginning too. Blogging Apricot Jam made from 1kg of fresh Apricots :)