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I am happy to share with you all that Taste of Mysore has been nominated for Indibloggies 2008 (Indian Weblog Awards) awards. It feels great to say that TOM has made it to TOP 12 under Best IndiFoodBlog Category. Here is the link to see the list of nominated blogs and their categories :

It would have not been possible without the support of you readers to reach this place. I request you all to vote for Taste of Mysore and make it a winner!! :)

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Bakery Style Toast/Vegetable Toast

Quick, simple and easy to make = Namma Bengaluru Iyengar Bakery Style Toast or Toastu as we fondly call it.

Ingredients :
Carrot : 1 (peeled and grated)
Tomato Firm : 1 small (chopped into small pices after removing the seeds)
Onion: 1 (peeled and chopped)
Oil : 1 tbsp
Orange food color : a pinch
Salt and pepper

Heat oil in a pan.
Add chopped onions and sautee till they turn soft. Add orange food color.
Next goes grated carrots into hot pan. Stir and mix carrot with other ingredients. Fry it till carrots are done.
Finally add tomatoes and mix. Fry for 1-2 mins. We do not want tomatoes to be mushy here so tomatoes should just done. Add salt and pepper mix and switch off the stove.

To assemble toast :
Whole Wheat Bread/White Bread
Mix Vegetable from above.

Heat Tava and slightly toast the bread. Remove and spread mix vegetable on one side. Put back the bread with vegetable spread over the hot tava with vegetable side facing up. Toast the bread on low flame till the underneath of the bread becomes crisp. The whole process takes around 2 -3 mins and if your Tava/girdle is wide enough you can make 2-3 toast at a time. Serve it with hot coffee or tea.

Mixed bean cutlets

Taste of Mysore went without posts for 3 months. Many thanks to all those followers who tightly stayed on board without loosing patience! Thanks to one and all who left their comments, mails and scraps to check my well being. It was a tough sail  for past 3 months and things are slowly settling down. Recently I had mixed beans which I cooked to make palya/Usli (stir fried vegetable) but I changed my mind and started making cutlets. They came out very well and soon came the request to blog it from my hubby. Here you go with the recipe...

Mixed Beans : 2 cups (Kadalekaalu/Chickpeas/Kalachana, Hesarukaalu/greenbean/sabootmoong), Alasandekaalu (black eyed beans/peas))
Soak them for 7 hrs and cook them. Drain water and keep them aside
Potato :  4 big (cook with its skin intact, cool and refrigerate for 2 hrs)

Seasoning :
Jeerige/Jeera - 1/2 tsp
green chilli and ginger paste-1/2 tsp
coriander powder : 1/2 tsp-1tsp
redchilli powder : 1 tsp (use more if you want to make it hot)
garam masala powder : 1 pinch
chopped coriander : 2 tbsp

Oil for deep frying
bread crumbs -2 cups
Maida 2tbsp mixed in 1/2 cup of water (1/2 cup=50 ml)

Method :
1. Peel the skin of potatoes and grate them.
2. Mash cooked beans or blend it for 1 or 2 rounds in a blender/mixer grinder
3. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a pan and when it is hot add jeera. When jeera turns golden brown add ginger and green chilli paste and sautee. Next goes coriander powder, red chilli powder and salt. Mix them well and add chopped coriander leaves and garam masala.
4. Add mashed beans to this above mixture and mix well. You may want to turn off the stove at this stage. If you feel that the mixture is too moist, turn on the stove and sauteed till water evaporates.
5. Add the above mixture to grated potatoes and mix well. Add lemon juice at this stage if you like tangy taste. Taste the mixture and adjust salt levels at this stage.
6. The potato bean mixture looks dry and becomes like dough.Make small balls from this mixture and press them down to make a circle of 5 cm diameter. Cutlet patties are ready to be deep fried.
7. Dip these patties in maida water and immediately dust it with bread crumbs.
8. Heat oil in a frying pan and deep fry these patties till they turn golden brown.
9. Serve with tomato sauce or any other sauce/chutney/dip of your choice. Enjoy them hot!