Mekkejola Usli/ Quick Corn Snack for navaratri days

Navaratri is fast approaching and we all need some or the other quick snacks for serving guests. Everyday is a special day and navaratri days are overloaded with usli recipes in blogs. Here is one of the simplest ones which we all love :D

It is easy to buy fresh corn from supermarkets here in Singapore. If they are not available, frozen corn works well for this.

You Need :

Fresh corn on the cob : 2
Butter/Oil : 1/2 tbsp
Kitchen King Masala+Red Chilli Powder + Salt = 1heaped tsp

Separate corn from the cob like this :

Knife works well for this purpose. Easy and neatly done.

Heat butter/oil in a pan. Fry corn till it is golden and starts to pop. Add the masala mix and stir to mix. Switch off the stove. Scoop it into a bowl and serve hot!

For variation, I added cooked rice flour balls (cooked, kneaded and made into small rounds) to this and it worked well. It was Prathibha's avarelalu usli idea which I extended to corn.