Rava Rotti / Rave Rotti (with a demo video)

Posting my first ever home-made video to make banale (ba-na-le`) rotti which literally means rotti on a pan.

Coconut and Saffron Ice Cream

Verdict - Delicious
A totally different flavor for ice cream which is light and creamy. All you wanna say is 'one more scoop please'...

Methi Na Gota


I must admit that the flavors of Gujarat refuses fade away from my kitchen despite leaving the land itself for 10years now. We enjoy Khakhra's and my Indonesian helper has mastered the art of khakra making. This time around, I made some Gota. Gota refreshed gastronomic memories of our stay in this Gandhian land. The 'many' ingredients added to the dish slowly take charge of your tastebuds at first and then, you get 'intoxicated' to these crispy, yummy and flavorful pakoras (Gota is a subset of pakoras, eh..for the benefit of non-Indian readers). A soft-hearted pakora with an crisp exterior makes every bite worth the 'guilt' that you are enjoying. Batches after batches drained on a tissue paper does not seem to quench the 'hunger'. Sometimes, hunger is more for your emotion than your 'cells' under which case, 'Gota' makes a perfect case to win your emotional hunger. I hate to write just for this, because the taste of the dish, refuses to fade away from my memory :D .Folks, enjoy Gota!!!