Coconut and Saffron Ice Cream

Verdict - Delicious
A totally different flavor for ice cream which is light and creamy. All you wanna say is 'one more scoop please'...

The recipe is adapted from David Lebovitz.

You need the following to make this yummy ice cream:
Coconut Milk - 250ml (I made this at home by extracting milk from grated coconut)
Saffron strands- generous pinch
Heavy Cream- 4tbsp
Milk- 50ml
Cornflour-1 tbsp
Gelatine - a big pinch (optional)
Palm Sugar + White Sugar = 60g (you can choose the ratio)
*I have added less sugar to suit our taste
*Increase the sugar quantity to make it more sweet
*I have used more palm sugar compared to white sugar

1. Bring all ingredients to boil except milk, gelatine and cornflour.
2. Mix cornflour and milk, keep it aside
3. When the coconut milk comes to boil, take a tbsp of this hot milk in a bowl and add gelatine and mix well. Pour it back to the hot coconut milk in the pot.
4. Add cornflour milk mixture to the coconut milk white stirring contineously. Boil it for next 1 minute. Switch off the stove.
5.  Place the hot pot in a water bath to cool it. Add saffron strands and mix when it is warm. Pour the prepared ice cream mix to a freezer safe, airtight container and freeze it for 4hours.
6.  After 4hrs, thaw the container, whip the ice cream mix for few seconds. Pour it back into the container and freeze.

Enjoy your ice cream ....

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