100 Kids Lunch Box Recipes - E-Book for free download

Happy to share with you all that two of my recipes has been featured in Indus Ladies Kids Lunch Box Recipes. The E-Book features 100 kid friendly recipes which can be packed into lunch boxes along with some love notes to your kiddos.

Click the logo to download the e-book:

Do click on the picture above for a free download of the e-book. A quick registration to Indus Ladies website is truly worthwhile as the forum features wide range of topics. Have fun cooking!

Nutella Gundponglu ~ Kid's lunch box

Do you love Nutella with chapathi, dosa etc..?

Mini Uthappams ~Lunch Box for the Little Ones

Wanna see what's inside the lunch box?

My little ones loves to find shapes in everything. Welcome to his world of lunch box  with Circles, Triangles, Flowers and many more such things.

Let 'Em Cook, You Just Eat ~ Give Away Event

Who doesn’t love getting together with friends at a favourite restaurant, bonding for old times’ sake over a cheerful meal?