Badam Halwa


Badam Halwa ~ Almond Halwa
      Total Time Taken : 1Hour
             Serves : 5 people                
Almonds: 250g
Sugar : 250g (I used 200g)
Milk : 1 cup
Saffron Strands: 5-10
Ghee : 6 Tbsp
Food Color: A big pinch (optional)
Method :
1.       Soak almonds for an hour in warm water. De-skin.
2.       Coarsely grind these almonds with a cup of milk. Do not use more milk to grind.  
3.      Transfer the almond paste to a non- stick pan. Add sugar and 3 tbsp of Ghee and cook on medium flame.  
4.      Do not leave the mixture unattended even for a minute. Keep stirring and mixing. When mixture starts thickening, add saffron strands, food color and another table spoon of ghee. Continue stirring and mixing until mixture starts leave the sides of the pan. Add remaining ghee and mix well. It is time to switch off the stove when halwa starts forming a ball and comes to the center.
5.      Enjoy warm halwa or you can chill it  and serve too.

Pictorial ..

Step 1 - Coarse grind Almonds with milk

Step 2- Mix almond paste, sugar and ghee. Cook on medium flame.


Step 3 - Add 3 Tbsp Ghee, Saffron and Food color


Step 4 - When mixture starts leaving the sides, add more Ghee and continue stirring ..


Step 5 - Add remaining ghee and mix when you see mixture coming to the center ..


Final Step- Serve and Enjoy !


Warm Almond Halwa or Chilled Halwa, Both taste heavenly!


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