Mini Uthappams ~Lunch Box for the Little Ones

Wanna see what's inside the lunch box?

My little ones loves to find shapes in everything. Welcome to his world of lunch box  with Circles, Triangles, Flowers and many more such things.

Mini Uthappams

What you need for packing saped-dosa lunch box :
1. Dosa Batter
2. Color Capsicum cut into cubes
3. Cookie Cutter of diff shapes
4. Tooth Pick
5. Salt to sprinkle on capsicum and to mix with dosa batter

1. Pour small circles of dosa batter on your pan. Sprinkle capsicum on dosas. When dosa is almost cooked, cut them cookie cutter. See below :

Be gentle and careful while cutting them. You can arrange them in lunch box according to your own creativity. My 12 year old helped me to do the following few presentations for his cute little brother.

Akash says putting a small round button on top of the flower gives it a 3D feeling of the flower.. cute! He organised them with a tooth pick.
You can also just lay them side-by-side this way ..

You can also pack few snacks. We cut fruits and joined them with a toothpick so it is easy to eat. Aditya loves Banana chips and Cashews. He gets them as snacks.

On a different day, he gets flowery bread with Nutella on it along with Date, Raisins and Apples.
All set and ready to go to school with flowers, cubes, Circles and Ovals. Yay!!

A little grown-up young man had the same lunch in this way...

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