Nutella Gundponglu ~ Kid's lunch box

Do you love Nutella with chapathi, dosa etc..?

Simple to put together. Choose any stuffing you like. Nutella is my younger kid's fav, so we chose Nutella. Just make sure that dosa batter is not sour when you make them. Day 1 dosa batter suits perfectly for this.
What you need :
Nutella : 1Tbsp
Gundponglu Pan
1. Heat gundponglu pan. Oil the wells thoroughly. Spoon dosa batter into the wells. Cover and cook for 1 min. When batter is half cooked, add 1/4tsp of Nutella on top of gundponglu as shown in the picture :

I have left 3-4 plain gundponglu to cover the Nutella Gundponglu. Flip the plain ones on top of the Nutella gundponglu and fry well till Gundponglu is cooked well.

Remove from the pan and prick a tooth pick in the center to serve.
Circles of Gundponglus in Triangular boxes for a boy who loves shapes.You can look for kid friendly plastic toothpicks.
I just paired them with few fruits n snacks...
All these go to Indus Ladies Kid's Lunch Box Recipe Book. Wait for them to launch their book!

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