Avarekalu Huli

Home grown avarekaalu also added to sambar :

Avarekaalu Huli       
Preparation time :  10 mins    Total Time Taken : 30~40 mins
             Serves : 5 people                
Avarekaalu (Hyacinth Beans): 150g
     Brinjal : 1
     Potato: 1
     Small Onions: 5
To Grind
Coconut: 3Tbsp
Coriander Seeds: 2tsp
Jeera: 1tsp
Chanadal+Uriddal: 1tbsp
RedChili: 6
Fenugreek Seeds: 8 seeds
Mustard seeds: few grains
Black Pepper: 5 seeds     
Raw Onion – 1 Tbsp
Other Ingredients
Tamarind Paste: 2Tbsp
Jaggery: a big piece
Method :
1.       Wash avarekaalu. Cut brinjal, and potato and wash 2 times.  
2.       Cook avarekaalu, brinjal and potato with a pinch of turmeric in pressure cooker for 3 whistles.  
3.      Fry all items under “to grind” except for coconut and onions. Let it cool down. Grind it with coconut and onions to smooth paste.
4.      Add the ground paste with avarekaalu, tamarind, jaggery and salt. Add more water to thin down the sambar. Bring to boil. Taste and adjust the flavors.
5.      Serve with ragi mudde or hot rice.

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