Badam Burfi/Almond Fudge

                                      This year's deepavali sweets : Almond Burfi and Jhangri

Trust you all had wonderful deepavali. I made badam burfi and jhangri for this year deepavali. Numerous blogs have shared this recipe. Here is my version of Almond Fudge aka Badam Burfi.

You need :

Almonds : approx 200gm (2 fistfulls less than one pavu)
Sugar: measured the same qty as almonds. Used same cup to measure both the ingredients
Ghee : 2tbsp (which I did not add)
Saffron strands a few

Greased plate and rolling pin (lattanige)

Step I: Blanch almonds. Pour almonds into hot water and leave it aside for 7 to ten minutes
Step 2: Deskin almonds and pat them. Let them dry.  I just used my hair dryer to blow dry the almonds. Worked well. Blend them to make almond flour.

Blanched Almonds (R) Almond Flour (L)

Take sugar and saffron strands in a heavy bottomed non stick pan. Add water enough to dissolve sugar. Boil on medium flame till you get one string consistency. When you start seeing bubbles like this..

Gejje Paaka

be prepared. This stage is called gejje paka and 2-3 mins later you start seeing one string paka or consistency syrup. Pull the sugar syrup between your thumb and fore finger. The string which forms should be firm. Slowly start adding almond flour little at a time. Mix well, add again till you finish all the flour. Add 2 tbsp of ghee and keep mixing till it comes together like ball in the center of the bowl.

Grease a plate or mould with ghee. Pour this hot mixture in the non stick pan over to it. Grease a rolling pin and make it even.

Cut them into desired shape and apply little ghee on top which I did instead of adding 2tbsp ghee. But I advise you to add ghee to get much nicer burfis.

Take out and store in a air tight box.

and enjoy like this....

Kobbari Sakkare Holige

I would like to share kobbari sakkare holige..

Few facts about this holige :
1. Easy to make
2. Less preparation required
3. They must be consumend when hot. Please do not keep them as they tend to become dry. Unless you like to eat that way!

What you need:
1. Maida (All Purpose Flour) - 1 cup
2. Powdered Sugar - 1/2 cup (adjust sweet levles according to you taste)
3. Dessicated dry coconut (powdered dry coconut)-1/2 cup
4. Milk - 3-4tbsp
5. Oil
6. Water
1. Mix maida with water to make a very soft dough. Add oil on the dough and leave it aside. It looks like this:

Mix, grated coconut, sugar with 1-2 tbsp milk. If you need more milk, add little at a time and mix. It should look like this :

Make small balls.

For making holige, take a plastic coated paper and oil the surface. Oil the rolling pin. Take a small lemon sized maida and pat it on the paper. Roll it to have a small circle. Keep the sugar-coconut mixture in between. Close it from all sides. Roll it to make holige and transfer it to the hot pan along with the paper. Slowly remove the paper. Fry with oil on both the sides and remove it to a serving plate. Eat hot with ghee/milk.

On other note, Pratibha of The Chef and Her Kitchen tagged me for 7 links game. I went back to search the post thinking that it was only 2 weeks ago that she tagged me. I realised that it has already been more than 4 weeks since she tagged :P Ok, here I go about telling the 7 links of my blog...

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Have a fantastic Deepavali. Not sure when will I get time to blog again, till then take care and eat well.