Congress ~ Spicy Peanuts

This is one snack which is welcomed anytime of the day with tea or coffee back at home. As you start eating them, they slowly take your following sense organs and rule them : tongue, nose, ears and eyes. They make them feel their presence. Eyes feel happy and tear, nose says I love you and sniffs, ears get hot while your tongue is busily engaged in coordinating the responses with brain and makes you ask for more! Isn't it wonderful ;-)

People of Bengaluru love them (esp if they love peanuts). Peanuts has fans from all classes of people in India because it is pocket friendly :D. I remember my dad's friends fondly referring it as 'badavana badami = poorman's cashewnut'.

Congress Kadalebeeja - why did they name it so? I was looking for an answer and got it here . Although I have munched it umpteen times for years, I never went upon questioning anyone for it's politicised name. Politics is not my topic of interest :D It is a simple snack which can be made in about 20 mins time if you have a microwave oven, or else it may probably take 15 mins more if you don't have it. Here you go with one of the favorite snack of "namma Bengaluru"


You need the following to make Congress Kadalebeeja/Spicy Peanuts:
Peanuts : Few Cups (as much as you want to make)
Oil (you may need maximum of 1 tbsp for 4 cups of peanuts)
Curry leaves : 1-2 strings

For spice mix : Redchilli powder, turmeric, riceflour(tsp) salt and coarsely powdered black pepper powder. Mix everything and keep it ready.

Method :
Microwave peanuts till they are crisp. Remove from the oven and let it cool. Deskin them.
Heat oil in a pan and add deskinned peanuts and fry for 2-3 mins along with curry leaves. When peanuts get crisp in oil. Switch off the stove and add the spice mix and mix thoroughly. Let it come to room temparature.

How to serve/enjoy:
Make a mug of coffee. Wish for little rain (if it is not raining :P) Start munching spicy peanuts and sip coffee in between ....till you figure out which container to refill :-)

Capsicum Yenngai

Capsicum yenngai is a one simple and tasty side dish which i learnt from my mom. This goes well with Rice flour roti(ಅಕ್ಕಿ ರೋಟಿ ), can also be enjoyed with Chapatis and Plain Rice.

Ingredients :

Capsicum - 4-5big Chopped into 2 inch pieces
Onion - 1 big
Coconut Grated - 1/2 cup
Tamarind pulp - 2tbl spn
Jeera - 2 t spn
Roasted channa dal(ಹುರಿಗಡ್ಲೆ)- 2-3 t spn
Niger Seeds(ಹುಚೇಳು)Powder - 1-2 t spn (Click on Niger to see the description)
Curry Powder(ಪಲ್ಯದ ಪುಡಿ) or Sambar Powder- 2 t spn
Oil - 1tbl spn
Jaggery - 1 t spn
Salt - As per taste
Coriander leaves - 1/4 cup chopped

For Seasoning:

Mustard Seeds - 1tspn
Curry Leaves - 1 string
Green Chillies - 5-6 chopped
Garlic - 3-4 cloves chopped


1)Heat oil in a kadai add mustard seeds allow it to splutter then add curry leaves, green chillies, garlic, Onion and fry till onions are transparent.
2)Add capsicum and fry in oil for 2-3min, then add 1/2 glass of water and allow capsicum to cook till tender.
3)Dry roast grind jeera and roasted channa dal into fine powder and keep aside.
4)Now add Curry powder(ಪಲ್ಯದ ಪುಡಿ), jeera-channa dal powder, tamarind, coconut, Niger powder(ಹುಚೇಳು), Jaggery, salt mix well and cook for 10min in low flame garnish with coriander leaves.

From: Sowmya Tripurant

Heerekayi Thove/Tovve (Ridge Gourd with Lentils)

Thove/Tovve was often made by mom for chapathi and it served two in one purpose. It not only tasted well with chapathis but also made an apt accompaniment for rice also. Tovve can be made with or without vegetables, however if you have only tomato and onions you still can make yummy tovves. Thovve/Tovve is an ultimate comfort food for most of us. There are different ways of making tovve, and I have listed few Tovve's from other bloggers who are from Karnataka. Here is how I did with Ridge Gourd :

Heerekayi Thove/Ridge Gourd with lentils :

Ridge Gourd : 1 small (washed, peeled and chopped into 2" cubes)
Onions : 1 (deskinned and chopped )
Hesarubele/Moongdal : 1 cup
Turmeric : 1 pinch

Pressure cook all the above(4 whistles in a pressure cooker)
Once the pressure comes down, remove the vessel and mix the contents with the back of a spoon.

To finish off making you need :
Tamarind Juice : 2tbsp
Saarina Pudi : 1/2 tbsp (adjust according to your spice levels)
grated fresh/wet coconut : 1 tbsp
chopped coriander leaves : 1tbsp
Tempering : Oil, mustard, curryleaves and red chillies

Do the tampering in vessel you wish to make tovve. Heat oil and add mustard. Once mustard stops crackling add red chillies and curry leaves. Mix and add tamarind juice, saarina pudi, salt and coconut.
Pour in pressure cooked dal mixture and mix well. If you have a mechanical hand mixer, mix the contents and make it into coarse paste. Heerekayi should still retain its shape wile dal gets mashed.
Brin it to boil and check for correctness. Adjust the flavors, garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with rice.

I made tovve using tamarind and saarina pudi mainly because my main course was rice, if you want to have it with chapathis, I would prefer making in Ruchi's way .


Few Tovves from fellow K bloggers :

Moongdal Tovve from Ruchi
Hesarubele Tovve from Grihini
HuliTovve from It'slife
Avarekaalu Tovve from It'sLife
Nuggesoppu Tovve from Savi-Ruchi
Thove from Mane Adige
Heerekayi Thovve from Nalapaka

Haagalakayi Palya / ChineseBitter Melon in Tamarind Sauce

Haagalakayi is one of the favorite vegetable of my husband and his family. Chinese Bitter Melon is longer, plump and have less ridges on its surface compared to Indian Bitter Gourd. It is less bitter than the Indian variety.


What you need :
Chinese bitter melon : 1 (washed, de-seeded and chopped into thin slices)
Tamarind juice : 2 -3 tbsp (adjust according to your taste)
Jaggery : 1 small gooseberry size
Palyada Pudi : 1/2 tbsp (scroll down for the recipe)
Turmeric : 1 big pinch
Oil : 1/2 tbsp
mustard, curry leaves

Method :
Heat oil in a non-stick pan. Add mustard and let it crackle. Time to add curry leaves and turmeric, mix and add bittermelon pieces. Mix it properly and cover the lid. Lower the flame and let the bitter gourd pieces get cooked on a low flame.
After 2-3 mins, open the lid, mix the contents and add half a cup of water, cover the lid and continue to cook till bitter melon pieces become soft. It takes about 10 mins time (more or less than that).
The water must have almost condensed. Add tamarind juice, salt and jaggery and palyada pudi. Mix and bring it to boil. Adjust the flavors and serve with your favorite main course.


Palyada Pudi :
Kadalebele : 1 cup
Uddinabele : 1/2 cup
RedChillies : 15 (add less if you want a less spice version)
Pepper : 10 (add less if you want a less spice version)
Cinnamon stick : 1" piece
Cloves : 5
Curry leaves : 20 leaves (please note it is 20 leaves not 20 lines of leaves)

Roast all of them separately on a hot tava. Powder them and store it in a airtight container.

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Chirumaalu Payasam

Chirumaalu/ Kusuri ( 'chirumaalu'  is a colloquial name) payasa is a tasty treat. Kusuri is made of maida flour and is mostly found in Arya Vysya Weddings. We call Chirumaalu as Kusuri at home. I googled for Chirumaalu and Kusuri and had a good time laughing over the results. Chirumaalu did not yield any results, Kusuri yielded all Japanese references.
Arya Vysya's history trace back to Penugonda, Andhra Pradesh, birth place of godess Vasavi. Their language or terminologies remain in Telugu and its influence lingers despite their settlement in different parts of India. Wedding customs of Vysya's change from place to place, regional influence being one of the possible factor for it. A day before wedding, bride and bridegroom parents exchange snacks, sweets, keepsake decorative items (hand made or store bought), carved dry coconut (beautiful art which requires lots of patience) and many more things during an engagement ceremony.  Few days before marriage we all sit together to make toy bananas, oranges, etc all fruits, all possible vegetables from maida flour. It is sundried and painted. They are packed nicely and arranged in beautiful plates for exchanging ;) The more you have on your side the more you have to show off ;) I will try to source few photos of wedding next time I visit India. Kusuri is a part of such exchange.
I did not know about this payasam untill my sister enlightened me about it. My sister's MIL made Chirumaalu  specially for me. I was so honored when my sister handed over the packet of Chirumaalu to me.
Making Kusuri is an art which only takes your time and tests your interest to do it. Once you taste the payasa made of them you will thank yourself for spending your time on it. Below is the picture of Kusuri.


It is a simple payasam, if you have the above raw material/Kusuri. Here is how you can make it for yourself :

Chirumaalu/Kusuri :
Maida Flour : 2 tbsp
Milk: 2-4 tsp

Mix both to make a stiff dough. You may get a small gooseberry size dough.
Pinch half a mustard size dough and hold between you thumb and forefinger.
Press to make a disc and then roll it to make a cigar.Collect all of them in a plate. Remember to put them apart or else they may stick to each other.
Sundry it till they are crisp.

How to test the crispiness :
If you hold a teaspoon of kusuri in you fist and shake it you should be able to hear clinking sound which indicates crispiness of the product.

Chirumaalu/Kusuri Payasam
Chirumaalu/Kusuri : 1 tbsp (quantity as shown in the picture above)
Thick Milk : 4 cups
You can use evaporated milk, but plain milk is more tastier for some reason.
Sugar : 4tbsp
Ghee and dry fruits

1. Heat one tbsp of ghee in a non stick pan and fry dry fruits. Fry raisins and cashews separately. Raisins plump and cashews brown in while you fry.
2. Drain the dryfruits to a cup.
3. Add Chirumaalu/Kusuri to the same pan and fry it with the left over ghee till Chirumaalu/Kusuri turns reddish brown.
4. Add 4 cups of  milk  and bring it to boil. Let Chirumaalu/Kusuri get cooked in the milk. Chirumaalu/Kusuri get soft when they are cooked (similar to shavige/sevai)
5. Once Chirumaalu/Kusuri is cooked, add sugar and continue to boil till sugar is dissolved well and milk thickens. Switch off the stove. Garnish with fried dry fruits and serve hot. Chilled Payasam also tastes yummy.


This also goes to Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen for her Sweet Celebrations

Ragi Mudde Rotti

Final post (I hope so..) for 'Challenge' event. Have you ever had left over mudde at home? just knead it with extra ragi flour to make a stiff dough and make them into chapathis on a non-stick paper and fry them on a hot girdle. Done!! Mudde Rotti is ready to eat. Caution!! Be gentle to the dough while rolling them. 
Ragi Mudde/ball making procedure can be found here.
If you do not have left over mudde, just add 1 extra cup of flour while making ragi mudde and you end up getting a stiff dough than soft spongy ball. Next procedure is to just knead to remove lumps and roll them on a non-stick paper. Have patience. It may take a while for the rotti to get baked as it is very soft.
Easy right! I had coconut chutney, tomato chutney and bittergourd palya to enjoy my mudde rotti.
Suggestion : Suits best for elderly people who don't have strong teeth and are bored eating Mudde. You can serve it with plain dal/curd too.
Suits best for diabetics. Mudde rotti and bittergourd palya is a good combination.


Apple Pickles from Sowmya  of Cooking Station Blog
 Grilled Red Pepper and Tomato Soup from Cooking Station Blog

Sorghum and Bajra flour rotti   (Procedure is same as mix flour and mix veggie akki rotti)   
Goes to Veda of Iyengar's Kitchen for her Challenge event

Eggless Chocolate Cake to Celebrate Shower of Awards

I am not a baker I don't have to write this anymore! yippee..I jumped and danced with joy when my cake turned out perfect! I was suddenly as young as my son in celebrating the joy of near to perfect baking. 2 weeks before I baked Soumya's Eggless Orange Bread and it had turned out good, now that gave me enough strength to try out Eggless Choclate Cake. The recipe was from my dear friend Nupur.Thanks Nupur for a foolproof recipe, Cake was lipsmacking. My dear hubby does not like choclate cake and I was the sole owner for the whole cake. Akash ate a piece of cake and asked me give him a cake with cream topping :( !! he suddenly remembered his BEN10 birthday cake. Never mind la! I can eat more ;) I said to myself and helped generously to the cake.

A ton thanks to hubby who ate experimented cakes which I baked before which were ......don't have to mention he has great patience !! :D

A look at Sowmya's Tried and Tasted Yummy Orange flavored cake


Cake pieces piled up.....

Read the method if you are a dummy like me to baking, or else you can just eye around the ingredients!

Here is the  original recipe from Nupur :

Dry Ingredients:
Wheat Flour : 1cup
Maida : 1 cup
Brown Sugar : 1.5 cups (if you want too sweet, u can use 2 cups)
Cocoa Powder : 3tbsp
Baking Powder : 1.5tsp
Baking Soda : 1/2 tsp

Wet Ingredients:
Semi Sweet Choclate melted : 1/2 cup
Banana : 1/2 (mashed)
Sour Cream : 1/2 cup
Unsalted Butter : 4 tbsp
Vanilla Essence : 1tsp

 tweaked recipe.......
1Cup holds100ml of water.

Dry Ingredients:
Self Raising Flour : 2cups
Brown Sugar : 1.5 Cups (Powdered)
Cocoa Powder : 3tbsp

Baking Powder : 1.5tsp
Baking Soda : 1/2 tsp

Wet Ingredients :
Sunflower Oil : 1/2 cup
Thick Curds/yogurt : 1/2 cup
Vanilla Essence : 1/2 tsp
Milk: 1 cup

Few rules of thumb :
1.Measure ingredients appropriately
2.Beat in one direction
3.Emulsify the liquids properly by beating in one direction

Short cut for emulsification :
I do not have a hand blender which made me think that cake is out of my way as I don't have stamina to beat the liquids till they emulsified.
I used juice blender, 3 whisks and the liquids were emulsified!! smart ;) I know I am patting my back :P
Method :

Prep-work :
Grease the cake tin, cut a appropriate size butter paper and line inside. sprinkle dry flour over the butter paper. Keep this ready
Oven Temparature : 170 degree centigrade, for 40 mins. You should pre-heat the oven so set the timer for 10 mins more. Cake batter preparation will take 10-12 mins if you have all the ingredients weighed and ready!

1. Sieve all dry ingredients together.
2.Blend oil and yogurt in a blender I pulsed it 3 times to aid the mixing of liquids. Yogurt and oil does not blend well as milk and oil but don't worry as long as you have blended them mechanically. Add vanilla essence to this mix and transfer all the liquids to a convinient vessel
3.Now add dry ingredients to wet ingredients. Start mixing in one direction only. You need extra liquid to make into a smooth cake batter.
4.Take 1 cup of milk in the same blender in which you blended oil and yogurt. Blend milk, pulse it 3 times.
5.Add milk to the thick cake mix and mix and make the batter smooth. The ready batter is of dosa batter consistency.
6.If you need more milk you can add.Mix the batter in one direction for about 2-4 mins. Do not make the batter runny, it will result in a moist cake. Tastes more like tambittu LOL.....
7. Transfer the batter to greased cake tin and bake it in a pre-heated oven at 170 degree centigrade for 40 mins till the knife inserted comes out clean. You can bake for additional 10-15 mins if required.

The result is............

What you need to keep in mind?
Oven temparatures differ from each other. Get to know your oven. It takes some time.
You may fail at the first time, but you will definetly succeed one day like me. Practise makes man perfect you see :D 


Since it is a chocolate cake, let me thank Ramya, Rekha and many more who showered me with this award. Thanks all for your love towards chocolate and me ;)

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Time for MEME
7 Things I Say More Often
1. umm..aamele (as though I am listening to a story)
2. Oddare (when I get irritated..which means "if I kick..")
3. hii..
4. riiii (that's how I call my hubby)
5. ayyo rama ..(an exclamation ? with the name of lord Rama)
6. Akash!!!!!
7. Feel like munching

7 things I did before
1. Experimented in my kitchen
2. Graduated with a degree in Pharmacology
3. Enjoyed with friends in the hostel
4. Had a lovely time with my ex-boyfriend who got promoted and became husband
5. I had lovely time enjoying the childhood of my son
6. Enjoyed Vacations in different parts of India
7. Gave Birth to my son (could not think of anything else! LOL)

7things I do now:
1. Cook well the kitchen, atleast 80% of the time
2. Teach Akash
3. Take a bus to reach office
4. Multitask in office and home
5. Blogging :) yippee..
6. Baking experiments, how can I forget it?
7. Socialising ....

7 things I want to do ( not sure whether I can write 7! let me see)
1. Have a cup of coffee and eat something
2. Eat Idli and sambar for lunch
3. Cook Dinner
4. Teach Akash as he has English test tomorrow
5. Pack my bags for vacation
6. Shopping
7.Blog and read your lovley coments

7 things that attract me about opposite sex
1. Patience
2. Matured Thinking
3. Financial Prudence
4. Sense of Humor
5. Common Sense
6. Communication Skills
7. Decency
8. Cooking Skills
9. ......this list grows :P

7 Favorite Foods (I wish I had endless list)
1. Cake,Cookies
2. Payasa,Holige
3. Anna, saaru, palya and mosaru
4. All street snacks from ambode, vade, bonda, masal puri, paanipuri, Mandakki churumuri, tomato masale, hesarubele masale, ...ohhh..the list grows
5. Chintamani Hurgalu, peanuts
6. Fried Avarekaalu
7. Avalakki
8. Ottu Shavige
9. Oh gosh it is already 9 and I still have many more :P

I would love to pass all the Awards to
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Chutneys- Carrot, Beet and Brinjal

Three colorful chutneys for your all. Carrot, Beet and Brinjal. Carrot Chutney is a learning outcome of blogging while two others were regularly made by my mom.

Carrot Chutney

You need :
Carrot : 1 big or 4 little ones (Indian) or 7 lilliput carrots
Peanuts : 2 tbsp
RedChillies : 4 (adjust accordingly)
Tamarind : 1" piece
Coriander : 2 strands

1. Chop carrots and cook it with enough water. Scoop carrots and take it in the blender. Reserve the water
2. Roast peanuts and red chillies
3. Take rest of the ingredients in blender and blend it to smooth paste along with carrots
4. If you want more water add reserved water and blend.
5. Scoop the chutney to a bowl and season with oil, mustard, redchillies and curry leaves.
6. Serve with your favorite main course.



Beetroot Chutney is joining Sunshinemom's Purple Color in Food


Salads for 'Challenge' /Cucumber and Tomato Salad

This particular Cucumber salad was my taatha's (grandfather) favorite. He had difficulty in chewing so mother made them with cucumber tirulu (center part of cucumber which has seeds ) and he devored it. At the age of 75 he loved raagi mudde rotti (coming up soon), cucumber salad and tomato salad. Old age and Childhood have such a big gap but behaviour of humans in those two stages are very similar. If childhood has innocence, old age has tiredness :( . It was a challenge to my mother to feed to my taatha, mainly because he was diabetic and he craved for things he was restricted from eating and added to the complication taatha did not have many teeth left :( :( . He often wanted spicy things to rejuvinate his taste buds, and sometimes very plain stuff...and mudde rotti and salad gave him satisfaction for his cravings. Salt biscuits were his favorite tea time snack.. Ajja (grandfather) we miss you!

I remember very few dishes which she made for him and they fit the Challenge event hosted by Veda so much, I thought of posting them here ...

Southekayi Khara / Cucumber Salad
This salad is made often at home and it is tangy, spicy and a perfect salad for me :) You can make them with available ingredients at home in about less than 10 mins (if u are fast enough in cutting and assembling things)

You need the following : (which feeds 4 people)

Cucumber : 2 big (peeled, washed and cut into 1" cubes)
Green Chilli Paste : 1tbsp (adjust according to the spice levels)
Lemon Juice : from 1 medium size lemon (save the rind, you can use it as a brush to chilli paste for tomato salad)
Coriander leaves : 1tbsp (Chopped)

Mix and toss all ingredients together and taste the salad, adjust the spice levels and serve immediately.

You can see spicy cucumber juice at the bottom of the salad. Drink it and tell how you felt :-)

Another version of Southekayi Khara and Tomato Masala can be found here and here


Tomato Salad 

You need the following :
Tomato : 1 big
Green Chilli Paste : 1/2 tsp
Khara Mandakki (see the recipe here )

Cut tomato slices and arrange them on a plate. Brush chilli paste on tomato. Sprinkle little salt. Top with khara mandakki and serve. Soft Tomatoes and crunchy puffed rice compliment well :) and they are super healthy too..


Khara Mandakki (crispy puffed rice) without peanuts

Khara mandakki I posted before had peanuts and they did not qualify for Challenge. So, this time around I made mandakki without peanuts just for the event. The recipe link is here just delete peanuts and roasted gram from the recipe. You can use dry red chillies instead of green chillies.


Khara Aloogadde (Spicy Potatoes)
You can see the recipe here


They all are joining Veda's Challenge event at Iyengar's Kitchen

Onion Chapathi/ಈರುಳ್ಳಿ ಚಪಾತಿ

Onion Chapathi
Wholesome breakfast/meal

Blog:       Author: Lakshmi Grandhim
Preparation time : 10min             Mixing Time : 5mins       Total Time Taken : 25min
              Makes :  5 chapathi s                        

300g : Whole Wheat Flour (fine ground flour)
        1 : Big Onion
          1 bunch: Coriander Leaves
              1Tbsp: Green Chili Paste
 1  tsp : Jeera (Cumin Seeds)
  1 tsp: Curry Leaves (chopped)
1Tbsp: Oil
    Oil for frying

Method :
1.       Chop onions to fine pieces. Coriander and curry leaves also to be chopped very finely. Grind few chilies with little salt, chili paste is ready.   
2.          Mix Whole Wheat Flour, salt, chili paste, onion paste, coriander curry leaves and oil. Leave it aside for 15 minutes. 

3.         Add little water at a time and mix the wheat flour to make a stiff dough. 
4.         Pinch a lemon sized dough and roll them into circles. 
5.         Heat pan on medium heat. Fry rolled out chapathi till they are browned.  Pour a tsp of oil on each side while frying.  
6.         Serve with pickle or plain yogurt(curd).


Tangy Green Tomato Chutney

Green tomato chutney is tangy to eat and simple to make. Suggested to serve along with dal (cooked and seasoned lentils) as both of them compliment well. This recipe was from my hostel cooks who simply served us few simple but tasty items........

You need :

Unripe tomatoes : 5
Green Chillies : 3 (adjust according to your taste)
Ginger : 1tsp /1" piece
Garlic : 1 pod (I use 1 coz the pod size is big)
Coriander Leaves and stem : 3tbsp (washed and chopped)
Oil : 1/2 tsp


1.Heat Oil in a non stick pan. Add ginger, garlic sauteed for 15 sec, next goes green chillies and unripe tomatoes. Sauteed till tomatoes are soft.
2.Transfer the contents of the pan to a plate. Let it cool.
3.Blend it to a smooth paste using mixer grinder.
4.Remove and serve

This goes to Veda Iyengar's Challenge event :

Moolangi Chutney/Raddish Chutney

Raddish in Huli/Sambar, Chutney, Parantha, Mosaru Sasive/Raita, Chutney are few dishes which we like to eat. Here is a tasty chutney which matches well with chapthi or rice. I will be posting few vegetable chutneys in line over next few days/weeks


You need the following for chutney :
Long white Raddish : 10 small sized (clean, scrape and chop into 2" thick discs)
Oil : 2 tsp
Kadale poppu/Roasted gram : 1tbsp (you can use chana dal as an alternative)
Red Chillies : 5 (adjust according to taste)
Grated Wet Coconut : 2 tbsp
Cumin/Jeera :10 grains
Tamarind Extract : 1 tbsp

Oil, mustard, redchillies,uddinabele/urad dal (optional), curry leaves

1. Heat 1tsp of oil in a non stick pan and sautee Raddish till they become pale n soft. You may want to cover the lid in between and leave it which helps a lot esp while cooking consciously. This may take 3-5 mins
2. Remove Raddish to a plate and let it cool. Dry roast red chillies and jeera in a pan. If you are using chana dal remember to fry it before using.
3. Take sauteed raddish, roasted red chillies, jeera, salt, tamarind extract, kadalepoppu in a blender/mixer grinder and grind it to make a smooth paste.
4. Chutney is ready. If you want chunky chutney you may add finely cut pieces of raddish to chutney.
5. Do tampering/tadka and pour over chutney. Serve with your favorite maincourse.

Kajjaya/Deepfried sweet bread

Godess Tulasi got married to Lord Vishnu today. On this auspicious occasion we decorate tulasi plant along with a twig of amla and tamarind and offer prayers to godess tulasi and lord vishnu. It is celebrated on the 12th day after Balipadyami hence the name 'Utthanadwadashi' also known as 'Kiru deepavali' which means little deepavali. We remember mother sparing fire crackers for this day and evening was filled with lots of activity from singing kirtans in front of tulasi plant, offering neivedyam, distributing prasadam etc., I made Kajjaya for the occassion and my dear hubby typed in tulasi astottara in Kannada for sharing with you all.

Uttanadwadashi in 2008 is on 10 Nov 2008. 
ಶ್ರೀ ತುಳಸೀ ಅಷ್ಟೋತ್ತರ ಶತನಾಮಳೀ
ಓಂ ತುಳಸ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ನಂದಿನ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ದೇವ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಶಿಖಿನ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಧಾರಿಣ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ 
ಓಂ ಧಾತ್ರೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಸಾವಿತ್ರೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಸತ್ಯಸಂಧಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಕಾಲಹಾರಿಣ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಗೌರ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ದೇವಾಗಿತಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ದ್ರವೀಯಸ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಪದ್ಮಿನ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಸೀತಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ರುಕ್ಮಿಣ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಪ್ರಿಯಭೂಷಣಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಶ್ರೆಯಸ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಶ್ರೀಮತ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಮಾನ್ಯಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಗೊರ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಗೌತಮಚರ್ಚಿತಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ತ್ರೇತಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ತ್ರಿಪಥಗಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ತ್ರಿಪಾದಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ತ್ರೈಮೂರ್ತ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಜಗಾತ್ತ್ರಾಯಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ತ್ರಾಸಿನ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಗೋತ್ರಿಣ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಗಾತ್ರಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಗಾತ್ರಿಯಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಗರ್ಭವಾರಿಣ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಶೋಭನಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಸಮಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ದ್ವಿರದಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಆರಾಧ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಯಜ್ಞವಿದ್ಯಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಮಹಾವಿದ್ಯಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಗುಹ್ಯವಿದ್ಯಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಕಾಮಾಕ್ಷೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಕುಲಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಶ್ರೀಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಭೂಮ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಭಾವಿತ್ರೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಸಾವಿತ್ರೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಸರ್ವವೇದವೀದಾಂವರಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಶಂಖಿನ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಚಕ್ರಿಣ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಚಾರಿಣ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಚಪಲೇಕ್ಷಣಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಪೀತಾಂಬರಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಪ್ರೋತಸೋಮಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಸೌರಸಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಅಕ್ಷಿಣ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಅಂಬಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಸರಸ್ವಾತ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಸಂಶ್ರಯಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಸರ್ವದೇವತ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ವಿಶ್ವಾಶ್ರಯಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಸುಗಂಧಿನ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಸುವಾಸನಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ವರದಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಸುಶ್ರೋಣ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಚಂದ್ರಭಾಗಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಯಮುನಪ್ರಿಯಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಕಾವೇರ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಮಣಿಕರ್ಣಿಕಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಆರ್ಚಿನ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಸ್ಥಾಯಿನ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ದಾನಪ್ರದಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಧನವತ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಶೋಚ್ಯಮಾನಸಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಶುಚಿನ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಶ್ರೇಯಸ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಪ್ರೀತಿಚಿಂತೇಕ್ಷಣ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ವಿಭೂತ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಆಕೃತ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಅವಿಭೂರ್ಯತ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಪ್ರಭಾವಿನ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಗಂಧಿನ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಸ್ವರ್ಗಿಣ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಗದಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ವೇದ್ಯಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಪ್ರಭಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಸಾರಸ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಸರಸಿವಾಸಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಸರಸ್ವಾತ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಶರಾವತ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ರಸಿನ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಬ್ರಹ್ಮಪ್ರೀಯಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಕಾಳಿನ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಶ್ರೇಯೋವತ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಯಾಮಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಶ್ಯಮಸುಂದರಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ರತ್ನರೂಪಿಣ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಶಮನಿಧಿನ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಶತಾನಂದಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಶತದ್ಯುತಯೇ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಶಿತಿಕಂಠಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಪ್ರಯಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಧಾತ್ರ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಶ್ರೀವೃಂದಾವನ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಕೃಷ್ಣಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಭಕ್ತವತ್ಸಲಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಗೋಪಿಕಾಕ್ರೀಡಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಹರಾಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಅಮೃತರೂಪಿಣ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಭೂಮ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ
ಓಂ ಶ್ರೀಕೃಷ್ಣಾಕಾಂತಾಯೈ ನಮಃ

ಇತಿ ತುಳಸೀ ಅಷ್ತೋತರ  ಶತನಾಮಳೀ
Here is the kajjaya for you all :

Jaggery : 1 cups
RiceFlour :  2 cups
cardamom powder : 1 big pinch
1 ripe banana
Oil for deepfrying


Powder jaggery and add 3tbsp of water and warm it to make jaggery solution. Filter it to remove dust etc
Bring the filtered jaggery solution to boil. When you get a 1 thread consistency syrup start adding rice flour to get a thick dough. You can switch of the stove and add flour. Let this dough cool down.
Cut ripe banana to the dough and mix. Keep this dough aside for 8-10 hrs.
Heat oil in a low flame. grease your hands with little oil, take a lemon size dough and press between your palm to make a disc. Drop this disc inside the hot oil and fry till red.
Remove from oil and enjoy hot hot kajjaya!
Note : This method is a short cut to traditional way of making kajjaya. I have tweaked the recipe to suit the ingredients in my pantry.

Paddu / Gundponglu

We always called Gundponglu as "Dosa Balls" :D They were made using dosa batter by my mom. Whenever we nagged about having 'dose again' she made dosa in a different shape! Clever mom :) She made separate batter for gundponglu some times to make them soft and spongy. Gundponglu are best savored hot hot right out of the pan with some spicy chutney. We love onion gundponglu more than plain ones. You can add grated veggies, and make your own version of these dosa balls.

You need the following to make gundponglu :

Parboiled Rice : 3 cups + Fenugreek seeds/menthe kaalu - 1/2 tsp
deskinned black lentils/uddinabele/uraddal : 1/2 cup
Pressed Rice /Avalakki : 1/2 cup
Puffed Rice/Mandakki/Puri : 1.5 cup

1.Soak all 3 ingredients separately for 5 hrs and grind them separately. Mix all of them and pour them in a airtight container and set it aside to ferment for next 10-12 hrs. You can add a tsp of salt to the batter before you set it aside for fermentation.
2.Let the batter be little watery. Water helps fermentation process. Do not make very tight dough.
3.Spoon required amount of fermented batter to a separate vessel and add salt and give a good mix. If water is required to make the batter thin you may add it.
4. Heat the gundponglu henchu/tava and spoon the batter into the little wells of the tava.
5. After a min, turnover paddu using the wooden stick .
6. These days we get non-stick paddu tava so all its accessories comes with it. If you are using cast iron tava use a steel spoon to turn over. Once both the sides are browned, remove from the tava and serve hot with chutney of your choice.


For Onion Paddu / Gundponglu :
Chopped Onion , Chopped coriander leaves , Green Chilli paste, salt. Add all these to the paddu batter and mix. Make paddu in the same way as explained above.


Almond Pista Kulfi

I have not observed any particular season here. When it rains continuously for 2 days it is rainy season, if it is hot, dry and sweaty for a week it is summer for me n family. Winter is something my son has experienced and we have sort of 'forgotten', unless we plan our vacation to India in the month of December or January. On one such 'hot, dry and sweaty' Sunday I made this Almond Pista Kulfi which we all liked. I thought of sharing it with you all.

You need the following :
Evaporated Milk : 1 tin
Home made malai/cream : 2tbsp ( scoop out the thick cream which is formed when you heat the milk)
Sugar : 5 tbsp
Agar Agar : 1tbsp
warm water to dissolve
Almond and Pista coarsely ground : 3 tbsp


Method :

1. Dissolve agar agar in warm water.
2. Beat malai/cream and make it homogenous.
2. Take evaporated milk in a vessel, add malai/cream sugar and warm the milk to dissolve sugar.
3. Add dissolved agar agar water to it and mix.
4. Switch off the stove and let the milk come to room temparature (25 degree C)
5. Add chopped nuts, mix and pour them to kulfi moulds.
6. Refrigerate for 12 hrs before you serve them.

Note : If more (2tbsp) agar agar is added a softer kulfi is obtained.

You can find Kesar Mango Kulfi on Cooking Station


Enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!

Ukkarisida Akki Rotti & Heerekayi Palya - Reader's Request

There was a request by one of my reader for Heerekayi Palya and Heerekayi sambar. There are atleast 2 types of sambar that is made at home and I will post it as and when I cook at home. Heerekayi/Ridgegourd is not a vegetable I make always. I have always been lucky in buying Ridgegourd as I always get tender and sweeter one. Here is one of the palya/stirfried vegetable which made a tasty combination with akki rotti....

Heerekayi Palya/Stirfried Ridgegourd

You need the following :

Ridgegourd : 1 big (peeled, chopped into 2" pieces)
Oil : 1tsp
Mustard: 1/2 (half) tsp
Turmeric : 1/2 tsp
Curry Leaves : 4-5 leaves

Palyada Pudi /To make Powder :
RedChillies : 4 (adjust according to taste)
Cumin/Jeera : 1tsp
Grated coconut : 2tbsp
Salt : as required
Dry roast red chillies, jeera on a hot pan.
Powder all the ingredients together with salt and keep it aside.

1.Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan. When it is hot add mustard seeds and when it starts crackling add turmeric, curry leaves and mix.
2.Add chopped ridgegourd pieces and mix thoroughly. Add 30 ml of water and close the lid. Cook the ridgegourd pieces till they are soft.
Tip: Make a hole in the center and pour the water. Cover the lid and cook.
3.Add the palya pudi over the cooker ridgegourd pieces and mix well.
4.Continue to stir and cook for next 3-4 mins. Switch off the stove and cover the lid over palya and leave it aside for 5-8 mins before you serve with rice or rotti.

Ukkarisida Akki Rotti
Roti flour is first steamed for 7 mins before it is kneaded and made into rotti

You need the following to make :
Rice Flour : 1 cup
Water : 2 cups
edited to add as per my sister's suggestion:
Maida: 1tbsp (optional, I have not added here)

Bring water to boil by adding little salt to it.
When water starts boiling, reduce the flame and add rice flour.
Close the lid, keep the flame in 'sim' and let it cook for next 5-7 mins.
For these 7 mins, your attention on this 'closed' vessel is constantly needed. As the water rises and tends to overflow, keep a close eye on the vessel... keep removing the plate and closing it back every 2 mins.
Switch off the stove and mix the flour with a stick /back of a spoon/belan/
Rest the mixture for 15-20 mins/ till it cools down.
Knead the flour mixture to make a soft, lumpless dough. Make small balls out of the dough.
Dust the surface and balls with riceflour and make chapathis out of them.
Roast them on hot tava. Adding oil or not adding oil while roasting rottis is up to you. Rottis taste equally good in both the cases.

Enjoy !!!!

Both of them are o their way to Veda's Challenge event..