Salads for 'Challenge' /Cucumber and Tomato Salad

This particular Cucumber salad was my taatha's (grandfather) favorite. He had difficulty in chewing so mother made them with cucumber tirulu (center part of cucumber which has seeds ) and he devored it. At the age of 75 he loved raagi mudde rotti (coming up soon), cucumber salad and tomato salad. Old age and Childhood have such a big gap but behaviour of humans in those two stages are very similar. If childhood has innocence, old age has tiredness :( . It was a challenge to my mother to feed to my taatha, mainly because he was diabetic and he craved for things he was restricted from eating and added to the complication taatha did not have many teeth left :( :( . He often wanted spicy things to rejuvinate his taste buds, and sometimes very plain stuff...and mudde rotti and salad gave him satisfaction for his cravings. Salt biscuits were his favorite tea time snack.. Ajja (grandfather) we miss you!

I remember very few dishes which she made for him and they fit the Challenge event hosted by Veda so much, I thought of posting them here ...

Southekayi Khara / Cucumber Salad
This salad is made often at home and it is tangy, spicy and a perfect salad for me :) You can make them with available ingredients at home in about less than 10 mins (if u are fast enough in cutting and assembling things)

You need the following : (which feeds 4 people)

Cucumber : 2 big (peeled, washed and cut into 1" cubes)
Green Chilli Paste : 1tbsp (adjust according to the spice levels)
Lemon Juice : from 1 medium size lemon (save the rind, you can use it as a brush to chilli paste for tomato salad)
Coriander leaves : 1tbsp (Chopped)

Mix and toss all ingredients together and taste the salad, adjust the spice levels and serve immediately.

You can see spicy cucumber juice at the bottom of the salad. Drink it and tell how you felt :-)

Another version of Southekayi Khara and Tomato Masala can be found here and here


Tomato Salad 

You need the following :
Tomato : 1 big
Green Chilli Paste : 1/2 tsp
Khara Mandakki (see the recipe here )

Cut tomato slices and arrange them on a plate. Brush chilli paste on tomato. Sprinkle little salt. Top with khara mandakki and serve. Soft Tomatoes and crunchy puffed rice compliment well :) and they are super healthy too..


Khara Mandakki (crispy puffed rice) without peanuts

Khara mandakki I posted before had peanuts and they did not qualify for Challenge. So, this time around I made mandakki without peanuts just for the event. The recipe link is here just delete peanuts and roasted gram from the recipe. You can use dry red chillies instead of green chillies.


Khara Aloogadde (Spicy Potatoes)
You can see the recipe here


They all are joining Veda's Challenge event at Iyengar's Kitchen


anupriya said...

looks yummy.will try the spicy potatoes..for sure.

Dibs said...

Love this! used to have this kind of tomato in Mysore ..!

Unknown said...

cucumber salad looks really dthe way you have rolled the chivda into paper cones..

Unknown said...

lovely !!!!!!!!!!!I loved all the recipes u have sent across....seriously now i have to compile all the recipes properly bfore i lose them:-) there r so many....:-)but i m just thrilled by the enthusiasm of all the participants!

lubnakarim06 said...

Wow really yummy recipes. Nice snacky varities.

Kitchen Chronicles said...

All the dishes are looking yummy and beautiful. Ur presentation is so very nice.

Raks said...

I am coming home to drink that spicy cucumber juice....;D
I was thinking to post someday "kara Pori"....I love it...Nice entires...

Lakshmi said...

@ Raks,
oh! yes do come in ;D I will treat you with fresh spicy cucumber salad :)

Thanks dear.

Finla said...

They all looks so yumm. It was so sweet of you mom to maake those cucumber salade like that for your grandfather.
I remember my grandmother used to powder some of her snack to eat them when she was really old.

Cham said...

Lovely gal :) So many My husb loves the masala puffed rice! Good challenging recipes

Kannada Cuisine said...

Very poignant post! Don't we all associate foods we our loved ones? I do it all the time.
When ever I make something that turns out nice, i will be thinking who would have loved it the most.. my sister, father, mother, grandparents, cousins, in-laws... friends... Food is an amazing connector to loved ones..

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

The salad is the highlight here, I liked the others too but somehow the salad caught my attention I would like to try it for this weekend...

Sagari said...

salads look very refreshing lakshmi

Uma said...

everything looks so delicious Lakshmi!

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