Ragi Mudde Rotti

Final post (I hope so..) for 'Challenge' event. Have you ever had left over mudde at home? just knead it with extra ragi flour to make a stiff dough and make them into chapathis on a non-stick paper and fry them on a hot girdle. Done!! Mudde Rotti is ready to eat. Caution!! Be gentle to the dough while rolling them. 
Ragi Mudde/ball making procedure can be found here.
If you do not have left over mudde, just add 1 extra cup of flour while making ragi mudde and you end up getting a stiff dough than soft spongy ball. Next procedure is to just knead to remove lumps and roll them on a non-stick paper. Have patience. It may take a while for the rotti to get baked as it is very soft.
Easy right! I had coconut chutney, tomato chutney and bittergourd palya to enjoy my mudde rotti.
Suggestion : Suits best for elderly people who don't have strong teeth and are bored eating Mudde. You can serve it with plain dal/curd too.
Suits best for diabetics. Mudde rotti and bittergourd palya is a good combination.


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Sorghum and Bajra flour rotti   (Procedure is same as mix flour and mix veggie akki rotti)   
Goes to Veda of Iyengar's Kitchen for her Challenge event
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