Mixed Flour and Veggie Akkirotti

A thin crisp rotti made of the combination of Rice Flour and Sorghum/Jowar Flour along with grated carrots and finely chopped spinach and onions are a treat to eat with a dollop of white butter and stuffed brinjals. If you are lazy to make any side dish you can even do away by eating with chutni powder
and curd. This rotti is made on a thin tava which is specially made to make this rotti. If you do not have one, just pat the dough on a food-paper (laminated paper). You can even pat them on banana leaf and transfer it on to tava directly. The rotti surface should be placed on the tava with the leaf and the leaf is removed carefully from the surface. Fry rotti on both sides with oil.

You need the following :

Rice Flour : 1 cup
Sorghum/Jowar Flour: 1 cup
Coriander : 2tbsp Chopped finely
Green Chilli Paste : 1tsp
Grated Carrot : 3tbsp
Chinese Spinach : 3tbsp (you can use indian spinach too)
Other optional veggie that can be added : Dill leaves, grated cabbage, onions, avarekaalu/surtipapdi, etc
Salt to taste and water to mix the flour

How do you make it :

Mix all the ingrediants first without any lumps. Then slowly add water and make dough. The dough here should be a bit loose, a finger inserted into the dough should go inside without any effort.
Grease the rotti pan with oil, and take a orange sized dough ball and pat on the tava to make a thin rotti.


Place the rotti on stove and cover it with a lid. Slowly turn the tava around so that the whole rotti is baked properly from all sides. You can open the lid to see the unbaked portion and then turn it to the appropriate direction.


Remove it from the pan using a steel spatula and enjoy it hot with your curry of choice.


We also call it banale (pan) rotti because it is directly made on pan and then roasted.


notyet100 said...

looks delicious,..will try, leaf or can do without,,,leaf nd can i use normal roti mkin tava,..reminded me of college days,,,used to hve akki roti,...whn we used to go to cee cases in hosp in third yr...

Lakshmi said...

@ Priyanka
Normal roti pan cannot be used. You can certainly use the brown food paper we get here in singapore it has a glossy/plastic surface on top. You can grease the surface with oil and then pat rotti on it. Transfer it to the normal tava with the paper with rotti side facing tava. Remove the paper and then fry rotti on both sides.

Sia said...

OMG lakshmi, i got to buy that thin bandali just make these rotties. is that iron pan u used here?

Lakshmi said...

ya it is a iron bandali, you will get them for 20 rupees or max would be 30 rupees for one bandali. Once you buy them, you have to soak the bandali in rice water (the water you get after washing rice), keep changing the water, do this for about 4-5days. Then oil the pan and let it stand the whole day, wash and repeat it again for next 2-3days. your rotti pan is ready to use the following week. To start with make a small rotti with plain rice flour dough. It is a bit painfull to get adjusted to the pan or the other way round, but trust me after this first week you can enjoy thin n crisp rottis.

Finla said...

A new roti to me but looks delicious

Vaishali said...

Lakshmi, what a lovely and lovingly prepared akkirotti. It looks and sounds delicious and healthy. Thanks for a traditional recipe.

Arundathi said...

Lakshmi - that sounds good. Never heard of a special pan for the akki roti! :) Maybe I should try that! Thanks!

Lakshmi said...

thanks dear

Thanks for coming by dear. Keep coming to savor dishes from mysore.

you will get this pan in Bangalore, Mysore..and many other places in Karnataka, try them. :)

Seena said...

Just like we make rice rotis with hand..! For me it is a difficult work to make, but it tastes wonderful, esp.if we take hot.With lots of veggies , a real healthy option..! :)

Uma said...

yummy looking roti.

Richa said...

that sounds so good, lg, a must try! btw, can it be done just by pouring the batter on tava like rava dosa or it is a must to be patted on the tava?
just to make it

Lakshmi said...

@ Seena and Uma,
Thanks for droping by. Try it sometime.

Girl if you pour like dosa, it can be dosa and not rotti!!!! :( :( So, if you wanna make rotti, you have to pat it on a pan. You can even do it on a non-stick paper/laminated paper. But the one made on paper is not crisp and thin compared to those made on tava directly. :)


love this healthy roti ...but am afraid i do not have the tava needed for this one ... :-( so will probably will have to let this one go :-( or maybe make dosas ;-)

Cham said...

Hi LG,
My hubby is from Karna, He loves the akki roti.... Looks delicious and crispy

Sowmya Shreekanth said...


I tried it with cucumber chutney and is really delicious and more soft compared to plain akki rotti(may be bcoz of jowar flour). my son is 3yr and he likes it since its easy for him to chew.

sowmya shreekanth
(New Jersey)

Lakshmi said...

Thanks Sowmya for your feedback :)