ಸೌತೆಕಾಯಿ ಖಾರ / Salad Dip/Cucumber Chaat

After Chat party, salad dip/cucumber chaat/ಸೌತೆಕಾಯಿ ಖಾರ was in demand among friends. I am posting my recipe for salad dip here. It is very sour& hot, so use it with caution! or adjust green chillies according to your taste.


To make ಸೌತೆಕಾಯಿ ಖಾರ / Salad Dip you need the following :
Raw Mango - 1 (for residents of Singapore, if using raw mango available in supermarkets. They are less sour.)
Indian Raw Mango - 1/2 or 2 wedges (mainly because they are very
Green Chillies-8-10 (this will yield ultra hot chutney..unless u have fire engine readily available)
Coriander Leaves- 5-6lines
Mint Leaves-2 lines
Salt and Sugar to adjust the taste

Cut Raw mango into bite size pieces and grind with rest of the ingrediants without adding water in a mixer grinder/blender to a smooth paste. Add salt and sugar to adjust the taste.

Serving/Eating Suggestion : Spread the chutney generously over cucumber/carrot or just dip the salad wedges and eat.


Akash had taken part in a fancy dress competition (at his school) and he did not get a prize. :( ..poor Akash, forgot to wear his will the teacher consider him? When asked he said.."oh no..I only wore jacket and the helmet and also I had school shots so did not wear the pants you gave me" .. :( poor me..I had nothing to say except laugh when he was not around.. dare not laugh in front of him, coz he was so upset on not winning. Daddy had made Singapore and India flags and jacket with a backpack for him, mummy and Anupriya aunty had made helmet for him...poor boy he forgot his pants..he was all depressed when he did not see his pic in school news letter so mommy promised him to put up his photo in her website.. :D that was all mommy could do to make him feel happy.


We told him winning is not everything in life; participation is most important to learn and develop a winning attitude. It was all Greek and Latin for him. I hope he will understand it as days goes on.

Blogger's Meet:
We visit each other's blog, left lovely trails around; we live in a small country where it takes barely 1.5hr to reach the other end of the country..still we were so far...I thought why not reduce this distance..? and make friend's with each other? It worked out..It was gr8 meeting each other and discussing many things. There was no specific agenda, participation was more important and also to get to know each other was something which was on my mind for a long time. Atlast..we made it. We contributed money to Briana you can check the details on Illatharasi blog. Here is a pic of happy foodies :

we have not posted anyone's name just to play safe. I know many of them have asked for names etc on Priyanka's blog. Just keep guessing ;) Sowmya's cake was awesome and Priyanka's Sandesh was delicious. We had coffee at Toast Box. I have fallen in love with Toast Box's Coffee and all thanks to Priyanka for introducing it.


notyet100 said...

wow salad dip thanks can prepare mango chutney nd blog it for mbp street...thought of asking u today...FOR THE CHUTNEY POST BUT FORGOT...THNKS AGAIN,,,

notyet100 said...

wow..nice unifrm of akash,..specially likd the helmet...thnks for arrangin the meet...cause of the meet could other bloggers around,..lookin forward for the next meet...

Illatharasi said...

Great salad.... what a green colour... will try with less chillies;)

FH said...

Southekai khara is very new to me, looks yummy. Look at that costume, very cool!:)
Now I know, you are in the middle with colorful Kurta!

ST said...

There is a treat for u at my blog:))
Salad looks Awesome....I hope u all foddies have great time..

Srikitchen said...

wow.. superb color.. nice dip..

Finla said...

Yeah itoo tell my daughter it is taking part which is important than winning.
Yeah i read about your blogging meeting and that u girld had wonderful time, especially eating the home made cakes in the terrace

Cham said...

Looks cool to see the foodie meet pict :) Salad dip is very tempting...

Indian Khana said...

Nice combo...We make mango chutney same way exclude just the sugar and mint leaves & super cool mango chutney is ready to eat with anything..

KonkaniBlogger said...

Salad dip sounds too good with raw mangoes and all. Am sure ur son is happy now looking at his pic in ur blog :)..Totally cool of you guys to have met up and shared thgts and food.

Janani said...

Never heard of it sounds interesting nicee.