Dil Leaves & Rice Rawa Kadabhu

This is one of my Favourite Breakfast, its healthy & tasty. Needs no oil at all.
Ingredients you need are:

1) Beaten Rice/Rice Rawa - 1 cup

2) Dill Leaves - 1 cup finely chopped

3) Channa dhal - 2-3 tspn(Soaked in water for 1 hr)

4) Jeera - 1 tspn

5) Green chillies - Finely chopped 3-4

6) Onion - 1-2 chopped finely

6) Coconut - 1/2 cup grated (Optional)

7) Salt - As per taste


-In a heavy bottom kadai boil 2 and 1/2 cups of water.

-Add jeera, green chillies, channa dhal, chopped onions, coconut to boiling water.

- Now add beaten rice/ rice rawa, choped dill leaves to it n mix well and cook for 10min.

-Now switch off the gas n allow the mixture to cool for some time.

- Make small even sized balls out of this mixture n press them little like in the shape of cutlet(The size of the balls should be like the regular idlis).

-Now place them in idli plate n steam them for 10-15 min.

-Serve with channa dhal chutney or coconut, garlic chutney or
even with chutney powder when its still hot.

Its better to cook in Kadabhu steamer, you can steam many kadabhus at a time.


LG said...

wow...good one. I love them too. I have a similar posts on TOM.

Asha said...

Excellent! Glad somebody knows this other than me!:)

We make it too, coffee estate and Coorgi special, we call it Thari, which is crushed rice made with Dill. I posted at FH!:))

notyet100 said...

wow,,such healthy recipe,...

Sowmya Tripurant said...

Hi Asha, Thanks so much. My mother is from madikeri n this dish is made in my granny place almost once a week and i learnt it from my mother.

Andhra Flavors said...

Hey nice fat free recipe. I never do anything with dil leaves. this time will buy this.

Shifa Firoz said...

love the recipe.. thanks for sharing!

Priti said...

That's a lovely recipe...looks nice and healthy...gud one

Anisheetu said...

Nice one.. can u plz tell me what is dill leaves...

Cooking Station said...

Dill leaves is locallu known as
Sapsige soppu in Kannada and
Shepuchi Bhaji in Marathi

You can see here :
or just google Dill leaves for loads of info :)