Ellu Unde ~ Til Ke Laddu


Ellu Unde / Til Laddu
A festive treat for your loved ones

Blog:       Author: Lakshmi Grandhim
Preparation time : 10mins             Total Time Taken : 1hr
              Makes : 2 dozens of medium size laddu                        

200g : Til (While Sesame Seeds)
130g:  Jaggery
1Tbsp: Ghee (Melted Butter)
            Pinch:  Cardamom Powder
     5g: Dry Coconut (grated)
     5g: Cashew Nuts

Method :
1.       Roast sesame seeds till they are slightly brown and fragrant.
2.       Chop cashew nuts into small pieces, grated dry coconut, and pound cardamom to fine powder. Powder jaggery.
3.      Oil a wide plate and keep it aside.
4.      Take jaggery in a non-stick pan and add half a cup of water. Bring jaggery to boil. Reduce the heat and stir and mix till you see jaggery solution has thickened a little. Add ghee/butter.
5.      Give a good stir and remove the pan from stove.
6.      Slowly add roasted sesame seeds, cardamom and broken cashews and mix well.  Transfer this to greased plate and leave it aside till it cools down or comes a comfortable temperature that you can shape them with your hands. Grease your hands with butter or ghee.
7.      When the mixture cools down, sprinkle grated dry coconut and scoop a spoon of mixture and make round laddu. 

1.       Laddus made may go out of shape once you make rounds and place them on a plate.  Do not panic, they will firm up and harden once they cool down completely. You may want to reshape them towards the end so that they round shape stays.
2.       Always roast til or sesame seeds on a low heat or else you will find sesame seeds popping like popcorn and you can’t get hold of it.
Our Traditional Sankranti Offering to Sun god..


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