Gadsoppu/Gattisoppu ~ Total desi style recipe

Gadsoppu or Gattisoppu
Ingredients :
1 bunch : Menthe soppu (Fenugreek leaves) (1 packed cup)
1bunch: Palak Soppu (Spinach)
1 bunch: Kempu dantu (red spinach)
Optional leafy veggies :
1/4 cup : Sapsige Soppu (Dill)
1/4 cup : Keere soppu
1/4 Cup: Kilkire Soppu
For every 5 packed cups of chopped leafy veggies add :
1 fistful : Togari bele (split pigeon peas)
1 fistful: Kadalebele (Chana dal)
1fistful: Hesarubele (split yellow moong dal)
2 tbsp. each : Kadalekaalu(black chickpeas), alasande kaalu(brown bean), hesarukaalu(green moong beans), red bean(optional), dry mochai beans (avarekaalu)
Tamarind juice, salt and Wheat flour.
Green Chilies : 20 (slit them in the middle)
Seasoning : Oil, mustard, hing, curry leaves
Step 1: Wash and Soak kadaebele (chanadal) along with kadalekaalu, alasande kaalu, hesarukaalu, red beans and avarekaalu a night before preparation.
Step 2: Soak all leafy veggies in water for 20 min before you start chopping them.
Step 3: Cook all leafy veggies, green chilies, dal and beans with a teaspoon of turmeric in a pressure cooker for 4 whistles. Do not add too much water here. Just add enough to cook dals.
Step 4: Drain the water from the cooked dal and reserve it or keep it aside in a bowl. Mash cooked veggies and dal.  Mash them to mix them well. Do not make a paste.
Step 5: Add tamarind juice, salt and bring to boil.
Step 6: In a separate pan, heat 1tbsp of oil. Add mustard hing and curry leaves. Wait till mustard stops popping. Switch off and pour this seasoning over the dal mixture of step 5.
Step 7: Add 2tbsp of wheat flour and mix the dal. If dal is too thick to mix add a little stock water which you had reserved it. It should be thick like thovve.
Step 8: Add a teaspoon of ghee over it and mix. Serve it with hot rice or jolada rotti.
Reserved water can be used to make rasam/thili saaru.

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