Mango Frozen Yogurt Icecream ~ Easy

Mango FroYo Icecream served in edible chocolate cup :)

Mango FroYo Ice Cream
Preparation time :  10 mins    Cooking Time : 10mins      Total Time Taken : 1 day
             Serves : 10 bowls                      
500g : Thick Yogurt/Hung Yogurt (Greek Style)
2 : Fresh Ripe Mangoes, for pulp
20g~30g : Icing Sugar or Powdered Sugar
Method :
1.       Make yogurt from full cream milk. Transfer the yogurt to a muslin cloth to remove water from yogurt. When water stops dripping from the yogurt, transfer it to blender or mixer grinder or food processor. Alternatively, you can use Greek Style yogurt which is creamy and thick.
2.       Extract pulp from mangoes. Add pulp, yogurt and icing sugar to food processor and blend till smooth.
3.      Transfer this to individual serving bowl and freeze it for 4-5hrs.
4.      Remove, and serve with your favorite toppings.

Mango FroYo Icecream served in edible chocolate cup :)



notyet100 said...

Wll try this when my parents come looks super delicious

Vanamala Hebbar said...

Same pinch i also posted icecream.
Ur version looks diff will try urs.