Bakery Style Toast/Vegetable Toast

Quick, simple and easy to make = Namma Bengaluru Iyengar Bakery Style Toast or Toastu as we fondly call it.

Ingredients :
Carrot : 1 (peeled and grated)
Tomato Firm : 1 small (chopped into small pices after removing the seeds)
Onion: 1 (peeled and chopped)
Oil : 1 tbsp
Orange food color : a pinch
Salt and pepper

Heat oil in a pan.
Add chopped onions and sautee till they turn soft. Add orange food color.
Next goes grated carrots into hot pan. Stir and mix carrot with other ingredients. Fry it till carrots are done.
Finally add tomatoes and mix. Fry for 1-2 mins. We do not want tomatoes to be mushy here so tomatoes should just done. Add salt and pepper mix and switch off the stove.

To assemble toast :
Whole Wheat Bread/White Bread
Mix Vegetable from above.

Heat Tava and slightly toast the bread. Remove and spread mix vegetable on one side. Put back the bread with vegetable spread over the hot tava with vegetable side facing up. Toast the bread on low flame till the underneath of the bread becomes crisp. The whole process takes around 2 -3 mins and if your Tava/girdle is wide enough you can make 2-3 toast at a time. Serve it with hot coffee or tea.

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