Gulkand & Dry fruit Ice Cream ~ Preserved Rose Petals Ice Cream

We loved it, enjoyed it and wanna make more :)

This pink ice cream post is dedicated to all wonderful mothers of girl child. Save Girls!

You need the following to make Gulkand Ice Cream :

Heavy Cream - 240g
Full cream milk- half a cup
Gulkand- 5tbsp
Chopped dried fruits and nuts- haf a cup (I used almonds, raisins, walnuts)
Pink Color - 4 drops
Rose Flavor or Rose Essence - half a tsp
Sugar -use appropriately as Gulkand already has sugar in it.

Equipments : Juicer with Whipper attachment, Egg beater, bowl, ice cube bath and some muscle power :D

1. Whip cream and sugar (I used 2 tbsp) till they are mixed. Takes a minute or less
2. Trasfer this to a bowl. Add color, gulkand and whisk using egg beater. This bowl should be placed in the ice bath before you start whisking. I whisked it for around 20 mins.
3. Add dry fruits and mix well. Transfer it to a freezer freindly box and freeze for 4hrs.
4. After 4hrs, remove the container, thaw it and whip it. Put it back to the container and freeze it again for 4hrs. Repeat this cycle 4 times.  After this it is ready to go into a serving bowl.
5. Enjoy it the way you want it. :) Here is a cone just for you!

 This yummy ice cream travels to Dr Sameena's blog for her Ice Cream Event

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