Nippattu, Kodubale

Ingredients :
Rice Flour - 500g
Roasted Chanadal Flour - 100g (hurgadle hittu/pottukadale powder)
Peanuts - 2tbsp
Coconut Powder or grated dry coconut - 50g
Red Chillies - depends on your spice levles
Curry leaves- 20
Sesame seeds - 1tbsp
Asafoetida - 1 big pinch
Hot Oil - 25ml (approx 3tbsp)
Water to mix dough
Oil for deep frying
Method :
1. Fry red chillies & curry leaves in little oil till they are crisp.
2. Add salt to the above mixture and crush to make coase powder when chillies are still warm. Use hands with gloves on while executing this step.
3. Powder peanuts coarsely and add to the above mixture along with asafoetida, coconut powder, flours and salt. Combine the ingredients and taste to check salt.  Make a well in the center and pour hot oil.
4. Take a spoon and start mixing the ingredients starting from the inner circle. Combine them well.
5. Take half of the mixture and add little water at a time to make a firm dough.
6. Take a non-stick sheet, roll the batter to make a big circle.

7. Fry them in oil..


Drain them on paper towels and enjoy with a cup of Coffee or Tea... Even better if someone can make both of them for you :)
Tips :
1. Never touch the mixture of red chillies with bare hands. Always use gloves
2. Crush chillies when they are warm, it is easy to crush. Handcrushed chillies and curry leaves mixture with salt tastes best  in kodbale and nippattu.
3. If nippattu turns soft, add little more rice flour. I did not get any soft ones though :)
4. Never fry nippattu in very hot oil. It results in soft end product. Always fry on medium hot oil.
Enjoy making them!

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