Aaloogadde Sagu (Potato Sagu)

This is our favorite accompaniment for rava idli or rave idli.

Ingredients :

Potato : 3

Grind to smooth paste :
Coconut : 4 spoons (freshly grated coconut)
Gasagase : 1tsp (toast it on a hot pan till it starts changing it's color)
Khuskhus (Hindi), poppy seeds (English)
Cloves : 4 (toast it on a hot pan till it plumps)
Cinnamon: 2" stick (toast it on a hot pan till it gives good aroma)
Roasted chickpeas : 1tsp
Green Chillies: 4
Ginger : a small piece
Coriander leaves : 1tbsp (chopped)
Star Anise powder : a pinch

Temper: Oil, mustard, asafoetida

1. Pressure cook potatoes, peel them and roughly chop them into pieces. Keep them aside.
2. Grind all the ingredients under 'grind to smooth paste'
3. Heat oil and add mustard seeds plus asafoetida. When mustard stops spluttering, add ground paste and a cup of water. Add salt, potatoes and bring this mixture to boil.
4. Taste and adjust the salt. Switch off the stove and let it sit for 10 minutes before you serve with rava idlis.

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