Mysore Pak


Happy Deepavali to all readers of Taste of Mysore

Readers, Visitors, Viewers have been writing to me from many days to blog Mysore Pak. Finally! here it is, Mysores' favorite Mysore Pak.
It was my mom's favorite, my favorite and now my family's favorite sweet. Though we love it so much, I never attempted to make it at home. Here is my first ever attempt to make it at home and I am really happy with the outcome.
Credits go to several websites, youtube videos and fellow bloggers who have blogged this awesome sweet. Thank you all.
Ingredients :
Kadalehittu (Besan Flour) - 1.5 cups (~ 250g of flour)
Sakkare (Sugar) - 2 cups (300 g )
Ghee - 2 cups (300g)
I divided this into -150 ghee +150 oil to have little longer shelf life.
You can make it with all ghee.
You need the following :
A plate to put Mysore pak
Sieve with big holes to sift flour
Thick bottomed non-stick pan
Take help from your husband or children if they are enthusiastic like Akash.
Method :
1. Grease a plate to pour mysore pak and keep it at a reasonable distance. Grease a rolling pin too.
2. Heat ghee and oil in a pan and keep it near you.
3. Measure besan or kadale hittu and mix it with 2 - 4tbsp of hot ghee+oil mixture. Mix the flour with ghee well. Sieve this mixture. If you find some lumps, break them down and sieve again.
4. Measure sugar and pour it into a thick bottomed non-stick pan. Add 1/4 cup water and bring it to boil on medium to low heat.
5. 1 string sugar syrup is required to make mysore pak. Take a drop of  syrup on your inex finger and pull it with the thumb. You can see a firm 1 string between the fingers.
6. Slowly add flour into sugar syrup, little at a time and keep mixing. "The stage is similar to adding rava to upma." Finish off adding all flour. Once you are done with flour, start adding Oil+ghee mixture.
7. I have seen videos where flour and ghee is alternately added to sugar syrup. I just chose this method.  Finish off adding all ghee, little at time though. Keep mixing, this is very important.
8. At this time you can see the mixture starts leaving sides and comes toghether as a lump in the center.
9. Remove this immediately from stove and pour it onto the greased plate.
10. Flatten it with the help of rolling pin and cut it into squares when it is hot. Let the plate cool down  before your separate these squares.
11. The above quantity made about 30 pieces of mysore pak. Here is one for you, for this deepavali :)
Wishing you all again a very happy deepavali. Have a safe celebration.
With best wishes from,
Lakshmi & Family


kitchen queen said...

perfect and tempting mysorepak

Lakshmi said...

Thank you kitchen queen. Happy deepavali to you.

Lifewithspices said...

nice texture n looks yumm

chef and her kitchen said...

nice n delicious mysore pak..looks yumm..perfect for Diwali,Happy Diwali

Priya Suresh said...

Diwali wishes to you and your family.Prefect texture,loving this mysorepak.

Unknown said...

Delicious deepavali dish, nanna favorite kooda. Amma makes mouth watering mysorepak.

Vanamala Hebbar said...

Happy Deepavali lakshmi....mysore pak thumba changibandidhe...nice pics

Cham said...

Happy Diwali LG, looks perfect ur mysorepak!

notyet100 said...

Feel like picking one,,..:)