Berlotti Beans ~ Sambar

I was not aware of the name untill I googled for it, but I have cooked them umpteen times. This Italian origin beans blends well with Indian sambar powder and tastes excellent with hot rice.

Berlotti (Borlotto) Beans - how it looks -

with the their pink jackets :

                                                 Image Courtesy : Rod Collins

Ingredients :
Sambar Pudi - 2tbsp (use any sambar powder you have on hand)
Garlic - 1 clove (if they are big, you can use 3-4 if they are tiny)
Grated Fresh Coconut - 2 tbsp

Making sambar using fresh beans :

1. Cook beans with little salt in pressure cooker till they are soft. The beans should still hold their shape and must not be mushy.
2. Blend sambar powder, 1 pod of garlic and 2 tbsp of fresh coconut with little water to make a smooth paste.
3. Add the sambar powder paste, tamarind juice, salt and jaggery. Bring to boil. Check the taste and adjust flavors as needed.
4. Serve with hot rice :)
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