Cheese Cake ~ Nearly Instant & No Bake

No Bake and Nearly Instant :)

Recipe Source : Moira

Ingredients :

Instant Jelly Crystals : 1 packet (I used "Tropical" brand jelly)
Cream Cheese : 250g
Digestive Biscuits & Cornflakes : 1 Cup (powdered, I did not measure the powder)
Butter : 100g

Cornflakes base made the cheese cake base crunchy. We liked it. You can omit and use digestive biscuits for preparing the base.

Container to make and store cheese cake.

Method :

1. Melt butter and add powdered cornflakes&biscuits powder. Mix well.   Layer this inside the container.
2. Bring to boil 230ml of water in a pan. Empty the jelly packet into the hot water and switch off the stove. Mix well untill sugar dissolves.
3. When the jelly mixture comes to room temparature, transfer it to liquidiser (I used my juicer blender jar) and add in cream cheese. You can add 2-3tbsp sugar if needed. Blend this mixture untill cheese and jelly mixture are mixed well. The resulting mixture has milkshake consistency at this stage.
4. Pour cheese mixture over biscuit layer. Leave it in your refrigerator to set. Done!! Cheese cake is ready.
5. You can save them in individual containers and serve one bowl for each member. My children were happy to have those individual boxes. LION's share :D

No Bake Cheese Cake
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