Rasmalai ~ Almost Instant


Almost Instant Rasmalai :
You need the following :
Rosogolla Tin - 1
Nut & Spice Powder - 5-6 tbsp
Sugar- 4 tbsp
Milk - 1 L
* You can use any reputed brand's Badam Milk Powder if you like. If you are very particular about the ingredients and proportions used in the Badam Milk Powder, you can make some like how I have done it at home.
1.Bring 1L milk to boil and thicken it. Reduce it to 3/4th of qty.
2. While milk is boiling, open Rosogolla can and squeeze rosogollas and keep them aside.
3. When milk is reduced to required thickness, add sugar, Nut&Spice powder and stir well. Switch off the stove.
4. Add in rosogolla's to this hot milk and set it aside till the milk cools down. You may sprinkle saffron strands on hot milk. Rasmalai is only 1 step ahead from serving.
5. When milk comes to room temparature, refrigerate the Rasmalai for 2-3hrs.
6. Serve chilled rasmalai to your family/friends
I do not have any pretty picture to show you how it was served, but I can say that this was 'super hit' with my chinese colleagues  who loved it to the core in my deepavali party!

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