Apricot Jam

Trust you all had a fantastic beginning to new year. Taste of Mysore starts with a sweet beginning too. Blogging Apricot Jam made from 1kg of fresh Apricots :)

Ingredients :

Fresh Apricots - 1kg
Sugar - approx 3/4 kg
Pectin- 1/2~3/4 tsp depending on the consistency of the jam required

Wash apricots and pat them dry. Deseed them. Blend them in a juicer blender to get thick pulp. If you want a chunkier jam, blend half of the fruit and cut the rest of the lot into small pieces.

Measure fruit pulp and fruit. If your fruit pulp measures 600ml, take 400ml of sugar. Use the same measuring cup to measure sugar also.

Take pulp (and cut fruit if you are using) in a thick bottomed vessel.  Bring it to boil. Add sugar when you see Apricot pulp changing its color. Keep boiling till sugar is well dissolved. Taste the mixture. If you want add more sugar to increase the sweetness of the jam, please do so. Once you are happy with the taste, add 1/2 tsp~3/4 tsp pectin to the boiling apricot sugar solution. Reduce the flame and keep stirring till the solution starts to thicken. Switch off the stove and let it cool in the same vessel. You can add little more pectin if the mixture did not attain jam like consistency.

It is little tough to say how much pectin is exactly required for the jam. It all depends how do you like your jam. Do you want a runny jam then it takes less pectin, you want a thick jam then add more pectin. For 1kg of fruit pulp it does not take more than 1 tsp of pectin.

Happy Valentines Day to all my readers and visitors
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