SWC-Meals on Wheels

"Meals on Wheels" here means food which can be stored/carried while you travel without worrying about spoilage. I have spent 2 wonderful years blogging and during this time I have come accross foodies who are creative and intelligent. Many food events have made us think out of the box and surprised ourselves of the hidden talent we have :D . SWC this time will be on TOM and the theme is food which can be carried while you travel without worrying about the spoilage. The shelf life of the food which you blog for this event must be 2 days. Think think think...and send in your entries before 31st March 2009 :).

1. Food shelf life = 2 days (without refrigeration)

2. Veg and Non Veg both accepted
3. From Chutneys to Chapathi to Rice you can send any dish which falls under the above category.
4. Details to be included :
Name of the Dish
Url of the Dish
Photo : 350 pixel (width) length does not matter
Subject line : Meals on Wheels event Entry

Send in your entry to lakshmi (at) tasteofmysore(dot)com

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