Sorekayi/Doodhi Halwa

Sorekayi/Doodhi/Bottle gourd is a vegetable which I like in halwa ;)than in curries. Last week when I had one big gourd in my vegetable tray I chose to make halwa. It is a easy peasy recipe which I think any one can prepare.

You need :
Sorekayi/Bottle Gourd : 1 (tender)
Sugar, Milk, Ghee and dry fruits
I am not giving exact measurements here..just add everything in approximate quantities..

Method :
1.Peel and grate bottle gourd, squeeze to remove water. Water can be used to cook veggies or drink it in empty stomach to get health benefits
2.Coat your pan with a tbsp of ghee. Heat the pan and add grated gourd. Fry till raw smell dissappears from the guard.
3.Add 2 cups of thick milk and cook gourd in milk. You can cover the pan with a plate.
4.When gourd is completely cooked, add sugar and another spoon of ghee and bring to boil again. Let the milk, gourd, sugar mixture thicken. Remove from heat
5.Garnish with chopped nuts/dry fruits of your choice. Enjoy hot or cold dessert.

Sending this easy dessert to Recipes for the rest of us-Dessert event started by Ramki of One page cook booksand hosted by Varsha of Willo the Wisp
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