Akki Rotti with Dill Leaves

This is the first recipe I am posting in my blog. I started with Akki Rotti because I love them. It is my favorite breakfast item.

Akki means Rice in English and Akki Rotti is Rice flour rotti. It is a popular breakfast item in Karnataka. It can either be made on a wax paper or using banale (thin shallow aluminium pan). Rotti cooked on banale yields crispy rotti and those made on wax paper yields softer ones. Here is how to make it.

Rice Flour – 2 cups
Green Chilli Paste – 1-2 tbsp (or as per your taste level)
Fresh grated coconut – 2-3 tbsp
Cumin Seeds – 1tsp
Dill Leaves washed and chopped finely – 1 cup
Onions, peeled and finely chopped-1 cup
Salt as required
Water for mixing the flour

Mix all the ingredients with water.
Batter Consistencey: Medium. One should be able to make balls out of the dough.
Divide the dough into equal number of balls.
Smear oil on the pan and place a dough ball on the pan and spread the dough with your hands. Spread one spoon of oil equally over the rotti to keep it soft while cooking.
Keep the pan on medium flame and cover cook the pan, till rotti is done. You can see the surface underneath rotti starts turning brown/brick red when rotti is done. It should not take more than 2-3 minutes to get cooked. Remove from the pan and serve.

Akki Rottis are served with badnekayi ennegai (stuffed bringal curry). I have made fried onion chutney which goes well with this rotti.

You can see the rotti making procedure on Ruchi website.


Sia said...

aha!!! idu nanna fav breakfast item:) i too have the recipe in my blog but its quite different from what u have here. did u directly made it on tawa or used butter paper? they looks quite thin and tasty...cant wait to try these...

Lakshmi said...

thanks for dropping by. Rotti is best made on rotti banale. It yields cripy, thin rotti. I bought them from India as I make many variations out of them. Wax paper rotti's yield softer ones, but onion is not added there. I will post that later. I have lined up many rottis to go on to my blog.


Vani said...

Thanks for dropping by on my blog, ToM! Your akki rotti looks good! BTW, my very first post was also on akki rotti, my favourite breakfast! Dill gives it such a nice flavour too.

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Hey Lakshmi, nice to see your blog... I love Akki rotti too and I make it atleast once a week. Even I have a version of it on my blog, check it out sometime!! Good luck with oyur blog!! :)

Latha Narasimhan said...

I love akki roti! never made this as we always eat this in halli mane a famous hotel in bangalore. I must try atleast once.

TBC said...

Nice recipe. I've never even bought dill before! Must try this out.

Seena said...

Nice recipe, mouthwatering..

Lakshmi said...

@ Seena,
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lakshmi, this is my fav too... my mom used to do this very frequently... I too want to try this recipe but was not able to find Dill leaves in singapore.. I checked in wet markets, little india & mustafa too... plz let me know the place where it is available...

~ Bhargavi

Lakshmi said...


My hubby buys it from Tekka market. But Mustafa sells it too but you must be lucky enough to get it :) coz it goes off very fast.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lakshmi, will try :)

Unknown said...

Lakshmi, I tried this... came out nicely... but not as thin as urs... mine was thicker and little hard compare to urs.. taste was good... :) thanks for the recipe.

Anonymous said...

This akki rotti is my foavriot breakfast, but i can enjoy only alone, coz my family being gujrathi do not enjoy these kind of food. i am born and brought up in heart of karnataka and staying in goa does not makes enjoying these foods easy.

Shri said...

Lakshmi, akki rotti has been on the top of my favourites' list ever since I tasted this in b'lore. I attempted making this at home but it never came out in I could never spread it thin or it would break around the edges and the oil that goes into making this is a little too much. Finally I tried making this similar to the ravva rotti i.e, I made the rice flour batter with extra water and spread it on the pan similar to ravva rotti and it came out very well. Thought I will share this with you so it might come of help to those like me struggling to spread the rottis.

Lakshmi said...

Thank you for your comment. I hope your comment will help others. I will try to video tape akki rotti also.