What would you do with left over Idli's?

The instantaneous answer would be dip those left over Idli's in some water, steam them and eat it :-) isn't it easy? Well before you close this window and think that I have gone crazy, let me tell what I do with leftover Idli's. I do exactly the same as above ;-) sometimes.., I know u all must be cursing me now while reading this post; someother time I choose to do something different and I call it ' total make over of Idli'. ........before I recieve any rotten u go with the recipe.. :D ;-)

Idli Upma

Idlis - 6 ... as many as left over (on purpose left overs also can)
Onion- 1
Curry leaves
Green Chillies - 2 or as per ur spice levels

salt as required
Coriander and grated coconut for garnishing


Oil- 1tbsp or as required
Chanadal n urad dal
a pinch of turmeric

Break/powder the Idlis using your hands. Keep them aside. Heat oil in a pan add tadka ingrediants in the order mentioned; Next to go in to the pan is green chillies, onion n curry leaves follows. Fry onions till they are soft. Add powdered idlis and stirr. Switch of the stove and keep it closed for a while till the flavors get mixed. Garnish with coriander and grated coconut. is ready to eat!!

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Apple said...

It looks like Idli Upma Lakshmi...I love this version with left over idlis...sometimes I cut the idlies into 4 pieces and slightly fry them in lil oil spray some coconut karam and eat...Now a days I harly have any left overs..:)

FH said...

That's what said! I would re heat and eat!!:D
Yeah, great snack can be made with lest over Idlis.Looks yum!:))

Rina said...

Yea, I do the same, It tastes great.

Tee said...

Neat idea! I made this once...the first time i made idlis. That time the only way for us to consume my solid rock-hard idlis was to crush them and garnish them with some seasoning and tadka :))


nice breakfast or teatime snack idea .... i make something similar would post it soon ;-)

Raks said...

Me too do the same .... Make idly upma..... same method...Without turmeric..It is better than Idli;D

Anonymous said...

Yeah, even i do it sometimes.. a nice idea for leftovers!!

Lakshmi said...

@ apple,
That is a good idea too. Cutting idlis and frying them. Umm will try it next time.
@ Ashakka
It was served as snack to dear hubby :)
@ Rina
thanks dear.
My first time made idlis were absolute rocks. I had to throw them off! I did not know this upma making at that time :D
@Spice of Life
Thanks N. Would like to see your post.
@Raks Kitchen
adding turmeric!I add it to all my dishes. I like the color it gives to my dishes :)
gr8 to know that you share the same idea!

Bindiya said...

Lakshmi, that's an excellent idea!

Siri said...

Idli Upma sounds very delish lakshmi..:D

Dhana said...

Such a wholesome breakfast!!!

Lakshmi said...

@bindiya, Siri and Dhana,

Thanks my friends for your lovely comments. It tastes good and can be served a tea time snack too.