Babies dance for OSO?

I found this video on Youtube where babies dance? for OSO song. Watch, enjoy and have a fantastic weekend. :)

Om Shanthi Om aka OSO is a total entertainer. Relax, Chill, and do not use logic while watching, just enjoy!! :)) Akash enjoyed it so much that he even started dancing with the tune for the title song. Looking at the way he enjoyed 3hrs without disturbing us I can say that OSO is a family entertainer.


Sia said...

choooooooooo cute:) i enjoyed the first half of OSO and rest as u said its best not to use any head or logic;)
have a gr8 weekend lakshmi:)

Padmaja said...


Group of mr friends have planned a trip to london this weekend to watch this movie, can't wait to!!
Love that video and you too have a nice weekend

Lakshmi said...

@ Sia, hahaaa...ya brainless watch is the better way of describing it. I liked the Akshay Kumar's Khiladi Returns was a total ROFL scene.

@Padmaja, ooo..Enjoy Padmaja. Just keep all your brains at home bf4 u watch.

FH said...

Not going anywhere near OSO at all, I hate that weird looking SRK!
Glad you enjoyed it though!:))

Raks said...

what ever a child does will be very cute to watch..:))

vimmi said...

That was so cute. I saw this with my 2 yr old but he seemed more interested in the cars in the video. Still to see the movie though.

Have a great weekend.

Kribha said...

Incredibly cute lil ones. Enjoyed watching it.

Seema Bhat said...

hey we watched OSO yesterday and I watched it with my two girl friends. We took the last seats and enjoyed it. Its fully falthu but very nice entertainer. We enjoyed it without hearing any bhakwas comments from our hubbies hee hee.

Rina said...

That is so cute. Thanx for sharing and entertaining us.

bee said...

lol. they're so much fun to watch.

Roopa said...

hi lakshmi,
sorry i saw your comment quite late. I was not able to participate in the pooja hope you had a great time dear was too tired with deepavali preaprations :)

Lakshmi said...

@ Asha,
LOL Ashakka. People die on SRK and you say he is weird? Well..I neither like not dislike any actor or actress for that matter. Appreciate everyone's effort to earn money by entertaining us. :)

True Raks. Thanks for coming by dear.

Thanks for stopping by my blog dear. Your 2 yr old must be a boy for sure coz I have one at home who idolises cars.

Lakshmi said...

Those cutie pies were so cool that I could not resist sharing it on my blog.

LOL Seema.gr8. My hubby enjoyed it with us so I was happy.

Pleasure is mine Rina, thanks for coming here.

ya..they are cutie cutie..n chunni munni..types and loved watching them.

tat's OK Roopa. I checked ur blog few times for ur reply and when u did not update I tot that u must ne damn busy. Soundless Deepavali as usual in Singapore :)

Swati said...

Too cute....both my kids too enjoyed the video!! yet to watch the movie.........

Latha said...

Good one Lakshmi! We are going to watch the movie this weekend!

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Lakshmi said...

@Sugarcraft India, Latha, and deepak.
Thanks dear. Deepak I will add u to my blogroll. Thanks for adding mine. :)

Sukanya Yogesh said...

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Lakshmi said...

Thanks Sukanya. Will add u to my blogroll, next time I update it. :)Nice to see u here.