Tangy n Spicy Rice and CLICK Metal

When my hubby wears Chef's hat, he loves to prepare tangy rice. He is glued to the taste of this dish/rice from many years and also an emotional attachment with the dish coz it is 'amma' made. I am sure lots of us have this sentiment. This is posted on behalf of my not-so-regular chef at home. Try it to know its taste.... Here you go with the recipe:


Rice - 1cup (any variety except basmati)
Onion -1 big (Chopped into medium sized pieces)
Tamarind Paste/juice - 3tbsp
Bella/Jaggery - to adjust the taste
Sambar Powder - 1tbsp (home made preffered, adjust according to your taste)
Water to cook Rice
Tampering Ingredients :
Oil - 3tsp
Mustard Seeds -1tsp
Kadalekaalu/Kaala Chana - 1tbsp
Kadalebele/Chanadal -1tsp (optional)
Curry Leaves
This is a one pot meal so, you can prepare this directly in the cooker.

Heat the cooker pan, add oil. Do tampering according to the order of ingredients mentioned above. Note : fry kalachana for few seconds till it becomes crisp, dals should turn golden brown.

Add Chooped onions, sautéed till they are translucent. Sambar powder, tamarind juice, salt goes next into the pan. Water goes next. Bring it to boil on high flame. Taste the water, adjust flavors accordingly using jaggery/salt etc.

Fry Rice in a wide skillet till it is slightly bowned, and let it cool. Wash it. Add it into the boiling water. Cover the lid of the cooker and cook in medium flame for 3 whistles. Frying the rice makes the rice grains fall apart.

Garnish with coriander leaves and enjoy the tangy n spicy rice hotttt...

I have never been able to submit any photos in time for CLICK or I must say I lack creativity while I take pictures. I am sending my lamp under the name 'Nanda Deepa' which means a lamp which gives light 24*7, 365 days nonstop. Usually ever house has a lamp which they worship, here is our lamp for 'CLICK'-Metal event.



Dhivya said...

wow!rice looks so yumm and nice click too


great looking rice ....anything which is made by the "better halves" is good ...i love them simply coz' for once I get food without having to enter the kitchen ;-) the click snap is great too :-)

Shammi said...

What does it mean when you say "warm the rice"?

EC said...

Rice looks lovely and nice click for the event

Sagari said...

yummy rice and beautiful click lakshmi

Sia said...

oh cool... ur hubby can cook;) K makes wonder alu gobi and black channa biriyani. he makes one of the best tomato rasams too.
by the way, some links on top horozantal bars are not working. donno if u already know it. just thought i'll mention abt it.

Lakshmi said...

@ Dhivya,
Thanks girl. Try it out sometime.

:D need to cook so 'hubby'made always tastes good :P

@ Shyam,

You can heat/warm/fry..till the rice changes its color. It makes the grains fall apart when you cook rice. However I have changed the line in the recipe to make it clear to the readers. Thanks for droping by.

@easycrafts and Sagari
Thanks girls. This is my first entry to Click n wanted to click something nice.

@ Sia,
yeyeyeye....gooood. That will keep you sometime out of the kitchen... Whenever I am down with fever or late from office, R cooks. But I know his menu well.. :D About the links in horizontal bar, yes few are not working coz I am still working on them. Will activate them soon. Thanks for pointing it Sia. That reminds me to ask you many more questions.. :P will mail you later.

TBC said...

That is the same lamp that I have too! I posted a pic of it for my Onam post.:-)

Cham said...

When they make only few dish , it should be great tasting :) I love tangy rice... Great shot....

Laavanya said...

You had me at 'tangy & spicy' - the best combination. Looks good.

Uma said...

Yummy Rice! The click is so good. So auspicious. We call it 'Akhanda Deepam' in Telugu.

Mansi said...

The rice must have tasted great LG!:)

sandhya said...

the rice looks great... nice click entry..

Lakshmi said...

Most of SouthIndian homes have this lamp, they are auspicious as Uma has said.

Ya, coz they make once in a while and very few things the dish has to taste great.

:D Tangy & Spicy is the word for this rice coz that is how my hubby likes to have it!!

Mansi and Sandhya,
Thanks girls. Rice tasted really good.

Unknown said...

that rice looks delicious..
I loved the click..we call that lamp as 'kamakshi amman vellaku" ..considered very auspicious.

Mamta said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog .
Me too from karnataka and we call it baathu in hassan.yummy .

Rupa said...

Thanks..Nice click and Nanda deepa looks gorgeous..The rice dish looks yummy

notyet100 said...

serene,calm,peace,,,thats what the lamp reflects good one,...

Swapna said...

Hi ..i liked your recipe for the rice...

As for the click, it looks great. We light the same type of lamp at is said to be really auspicious..infact we have gifted the same to most of our friends.

kittymatti said...

Wow! This rice is sooo cool, should try it.. Reminds me of my friend's gojju avalakki recipe...:)