Maaza Yogurt Shake

An absolutely simple and tasty shake ready in minutes if you have Maaza at home :)

Ingredients :

Sweet thick yogurt : 1/2 cup (Greek style suits better)
Maaza Mango Juice : 1 cup

Mix both and blend in your juicer. Add few ice cubes and serve if both juice and yogurt were at room temperature when you blended it.

Yogurt Shake is ready in minutes :) Drink and enjoy!!!

You can even try with thick cold milk and a scoop oof vanilla icecream to get a yummy milk shake.

I am grateful to fellow bloggers who have passed me awards but I am unable to blog hop these days. As you all know last month of the pregnancy is probably is the most difficult one and I am going through that phase now. I may not post as regularly as I used to do before. Please bear with me.

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