Mattress from Sarees ~ for DIY Carnival

I saw this event when it got closed sigh! :( How did I miss it? well..I missed it, that's all.... But, I would still like to post the entry and link to DIY Carnival at The Key Bunch . Check out some cool DIY entries.

I have recycled my old sarees earlier also and still using the old one from past 7 years. I have made it again using 

2 old sarees
2 old blankets

Fold all blankets which you use as stuffing. Alternatively you can use very old sarees too. Choose two sarees which are fairly in good condition and use it as a cover. Fold everything into similar size and sew the edges using over sewing stitch . Stitch the mattress in the middle and at few more places  so as to keep all the layers intact. That is all you need to do! and your mattress is ready to use.

Enjoy making it and recycle  your old sarees and bedsheets. You can make table runners, place mats etc with cotton sarees. Razai (bed quilt) sticthed with old cotton sarees make a very cozy blanket for your cold nights. DIY it and see your self......

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