Home made cough medicine

Ever since I started blogging, I treat this place equivalent to any other religious places I visit. When in difficult situation, most of us or a generation before us usually pray to god and bribe him. We call it 'harake' (Kannada)/Mannat (Urdu, but also used in Hindi)/mokku (telugu). You can use any language but the meaning and devotion is same. You must be wondering, what has this got to do with my cough medicine and blog ? I have developed this habbit of taking oath that if "this works" I will blog it!!!! ....

Couple of days ago, my younger one got sick and his cough medicine prescribed by our GP refused to work I was terribly upset. It is a great pain to see children suffer. I sat thinking of some home remedy and scratched my head till it went red! Oh yaa....I have hippali I screamed, atlast my brain worked after subjecting it to a stressfull condition. I went and searched nook and corners even scolded our helper if she threw it. I remembered once she asked me "what is this madam? looks like hula hula" My M-I-L was successfull in teacheing her few words in Kannada and hula (worm) was one among them. The way she pronounces it, makes it more funnier to hear.

I was on a major combing operation of kitchen cubicles and my helper was staring at me imagining the post-combing operations work load. Finally the plastic bag was found behind few boxes which was forgotten for eternity. I took it out and inspected it carefully. Haa..it was in good condition (well, it was only 6 months old!) and I also saw a small tube of Srikara Kasturi Tablet of Sadvaidyasla.

I offered a silent prayer to my blog and made a harake "If this medicine works, I will blog and share with the rest of the world". Blogdevathaya namaha I recited. We gave him the mixture and he seems to be responding well. Itt has been 3rd day today and he looks fine and has not coughed since today morning. Here I go fulfilling the harake by sharing the cough medicine which was home made.

What you need :
Hippali - 2 tbslespoons
Srikara Kasturi tablets : 8- 10 (they are very tiny pills)
Dry ginger powder: 1 tsp

I warmed up hippali in a pan. I don't know the rationale behind warming the hippali. But I did it as it was kept in a plastic bag for long time. Took this hippali, added kasturi tablets and dry ginger powder in a blender and made powder of it. Stored it in a dry and tightly closed container.

How did I administer : Mixed half or 1/4th tsp (depends on the severity of the cough, age and body weight) powder with honey. I fed him this paste. We religiously did this for 2 days. He slept well at night without coughing, the next day the cough started to come down.
P.S. His paediatrist had given us some medicine which had dried ivy leaf extract which was given twice. However this medicine alone was not effective though.

NOTE : The proportion of the ingredients is not written in any pharmacy books nor am I a practitioner. I followed my 'pharmacy instinctins' (aah..yes I am a pharmacist by education) to prepare this. Use it at your own risk.
Thank you for reading it and making my harake come true....... :D Till next post, take care. Health is Wealth.

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