Menthe Menasu Gojju/ Fenugreek seeds & Pepper Curry

An absolutely finger licking gojju for akki rotti is menthe menasu gojju. We love it. This is my dear M-I-L style gojju, which was in draft for the past 2 years. Whenever I prepared m. m gojju I could not click pictures for some or the other reason. Finally! here is the picture :D

You need the following for making gojju:


Onions : 5
Kaalu Menasu/Whole black pepper : 20 kaalu (powdered coarsely)
Menthya/Fenugreek Seeds : 1 tsp
Mustard : 1tsp
Tamarind Juice: 2 tbsp of thick extract
Curry leaves: few

Blend with water :
Kadalepoppu : 1.5 hidi(fist fulls)
Grated fresh coconut : 4 tbsp
Red Chillies : 6

Other ingredients:
salt and jaggery

1. Cut onions into small pieces. Blend the ingredients under the list and keep it ready.
2. Heat oil in a cooking pan. Add mustard. When mustard stops popping, lower the heat and add fenugreek seeds, whole balck pepper and curry leaves. Fry till fenugreek seeds become red. Add onions and fry till transcluscent.
3. Dilute 2 tbsp of thick tamarind juice with sufficiant plain water (enough to make the volume of gojju). Bring to boil.
4. Add coconut paste, salt and jaggery. Mix and bring gojju to boiling point. If gojju is not thick, you can add more kadalepoppu (fried gram/chickpeas) powder to make it thick. Adjust the flavors before you switch off the stove.
5. Allow to sit for 30 mins before you serve. This will allow the flavors to settle well.
6. Enjoy with your favorite akki rotti.

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