Iyengar Bakery Style Khara Bread

It was love at first sight with Prathy's Iyengar Bakery style khara bread. Just, finished baking and eating it with some home made congress kadalebeeja. Combo was yummy!!!!!

I made this bread using bread machine. The recipe for our bread machine is very different from Prathy's recipe. If you are baking in a oven please refer to her recipe here. Below recipe suits our bread machine :

Salt -1tsp
Sugar- 1~2tbsp
Egg- 1
Butter- 2-4 tbsp
Milk Powder- 2tbsp 
Milk or Water - upto 280g (if you are using milk, then skip milk powder)

Wholemeal bread flour or Bread Flour - 400g
Instant Yeast- 2tsp

Extra Ingrediants for Khara Bread :

Oil, jeera, finely chopped curry leaves, onions cut lengthwise, finely chopped coriander leaves, black pepper powder, green chilli paste. Heat oil, add jeera and curry leaves. When jeera browns add green chilli paste, pepper powder and onions. Sautee till onions turn pink. Keep it ready to add them to bread dough.

1. Weigh the baking bowl. Add salt, sugar, butter, milk powder. Tare the weight which simply means reset the weight back to 0. Add egg and fluid (water or milk) upto 280g. Tare the weight again. Add bread flour upto 400g. Add yeast on top of bread flour. Put the baking bowl back into the bread machine and follow the instructions.Our bread machine starts mixing the ingredients and kneading them. Onion mixture is added after 30 minutes from the start time. You can sprinkle some sesame seeds when the bread is ready for baking which happens is last 40 mins. Our bread machine kneads, rests and bakes the bread. It takes 3hrs for the total process. Result is yummy bread like this...

How to make congress kadalebeeja? Come back to read the next post on Taste of Mysore for the recipe of Congress ;) Till then have a wonderful day.

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