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I gladly combine Obbattu and Holige under same category. From my understanding, the difference between two are :

Obbattu = Patted with hand and they are thick and are smaller in diameter
Holige = Rolled with a rolling pin and thin. These have larger diameter compared to Obbattu.

There was time when my ajji and amma told us, if you can master the skill of making obbattu/Holige you have graduated from your cooking school. So, this dish is equivalent to final exam paper of my mom's kitchen school. Back to recipe now.

Ingredients :

For Skin:
All Purpose Flour (Maida) - 1 cup  (You can choose to use only chiroti rava without maida)
Chiroti Rava (fine semolina)- 2tbsp
Salt - a pinch
Water - enough to make soft dough
Oil- 100ml

Mix all purpose flour, Chiroti rava with a pinch of salt to make a very soft dough. Pour oil over it and leave it for 2-3hrs.

For Stuffing:
Pigeon Peas(Toordaal)- 1 cup
Split Chickpeas(Kadalebele)-1/4 cup
Coconut freshly grated - 4tbsp
Cardamom- 2 pods

Grated Jaggery(Palm Sugar) - 1cup+1/4cup (We call it bella in Kannada)

1.Cook pigeon peas and chickpeas untill soft. I prefer cooking them on stove top to avoid overcooking.
2.Remove water from dal and reserve the water for making rasam.
When dal cools down, add jaggery to it and grind it to a smooth paste along with coconut and cardamom. Use as little water as possible.
3. Your stuffing is ready for making Obbattu.

Making Obbattu:
You need:
1. Rolling pin (apply oil to the rolling pin)
2. Non-sticky paper (paper with plastic lining)
3. Tava/Pan to fry Obbattu
4. Oil

1.Grease your non-stick paper with oil. Pinch little plain flour dough  and spread it on the non-stick paper.
2. Place stuffing in the center, like this :

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3. pinch the edges to the center and close it to make a ball. Oil your fingers and pat it down to make a nice circle. Transfer it over warm tava and slowly release the paper.

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4. Pour a spoonfull of oil on top and wait for the other side to brown. Turn it over and roast on other side.
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5. Serve hot with a spoon of ghee on it. Here is your share if virtual treat :

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Unknown said...

I was in bangalore during this ugadi..i had this one and just loved it..looks yumm

Nandita SS said...

Looks too good. I'm drooling

Sravs said...

One of my favorite !!! Looks yummy !!!

chef and her kitchen said...

just love holige anyday..I always thought obbattu is telugu word and holige is kannada word for it..never knew that there is a difference in it

kitchen queen said...

delicious obbattu.

Unknown said...

Goodie Holige, yum with some warm milk. Enjoy maadi.

Kannada Cuisine said...

My favorite sweet...

Hotel in Mysore said...

Obbattu, is a sweet prepared during most festivals

kranti said...

Tastes too good wth mango shikarni n ghee,,, one of my fav