Badam Puri ~ Almond Puri ~ Lavanga Latika

Badam Puri

15 years of wedded life ....I calculated again, yes it is indeed 15! So much happened in these years and yet it feels like time went like Zooooom.. 8 years ago I started writing this blog on same auspicious day after my memory failed to capture all ingredients of my recipes in the exact amount. Brain feels better now after off loading all those things onto this blog. There are many more recipes to blog probably.. a mere 500 seems like 'only 500?' as I still scratch my head standing in front the grocery cabinet early in the morning thinking what to make. And every time I think, this is insane..even after having 500 recipes I don't seem to have enough ! I think it's human nature to have more just like our cola ad 'yeh dil maange more'.. 

We decided to move house on this auspicious wedding day. Even after a week now I still have not got over with sorting things. So is life I the time I comfortably settle in..I might get an announcement to move again!!! Life is full of surprises :) 

After a week of completing this 'wedding day' thing, I decided to try Badam Puri as it was served during my wedding day (as I faintly remember). It was my mom's favorite sweet. She used to call it Lavanga latika. Nice name..I thought always. Here is how I made it. Recipe Courtesy Udupi Recipes 

Badam Puri
             Serves : 5  Adults                       Category/Cuisine: Festival/Wedding/Sweet/ Karnataka

1 cup : Maida (Plain Flour)
½ cup : Rice Flour
25 : Almonds
¼ cup : Ghee (clarified butter)
½ cup: Milk
Cooking Oil for deep frying (I use Rice Bran Oil)
    1 cup : Granulated Sugar
   4 no.  : Cardamom
1 cup: Plain Water
Cloves: Few

Method :
1.       Soak Almonds for 2 hours. Deskin almonds and grind to fine paste using milk.   
2.       Mix almond paste, maida, and rice flour well. Add milk if mixing becomes difficult. Knead the dough well and rest it for min 2 hours. Coat the dough with little ghee while you rest the dough.
3.      While dough is resting, prepare sugar syrup. Mix sugar and water (1:1 ratio) and bring to boil. When sugar syrup starts to thicken switch off the stove and add cardamom powder.
4.      Pinch little dough and roll them into think circles. Apply ghee on it. Fold it into half to make a semi-circle. Apply ghee again and fold into half which makes a triangle now. You can insert a clove in the center now.
5.      Deep fry in cooking oil till it is golden brown. We like it crisp so I fried it a little more than usual. Dip in sugar syrup for 1 min. Remove and serve.

Badam Puri

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