See you all after a short break...........

I have emptied the fridge and filled my stomach (??!!!), cleaned the house, switched off the TV, packed the bags....guess why!!! la ala lalaaaaaa.....We are going to India!!! yeyeyeee I am dancing with my boy. I am as excited as him to see my parents, in-laws, friends and relatives. All the more to eat and have fun. I have dreamt enough of tomato masale, pani puri, masale puri, it and I have had them in my dreams. I have gone crazy yeh.....Me thinks and husband thinks also. I have taken my camera to capture some special dishes cooked by my MIL and my lovley sisters for RCI-K. So will be back soon.... Till then enjoy cooking, blogging and celebrating. Wish you a very happy Gowri & Ganesha Festival.

Image googled from Internet. I had this pic from longtime, so do not remember the website. Apologies.

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