Gasagase Payasa (White Poppy Seeds in sweet coconut sauce)

A post from Mysore.......
I had to put the above statement as many doubt about the availability of Poppy seeds in Singapore. This delicious payasa is everyone's favorite at home. It gives kind of 'drunk' effect after it's consumption and you all know the reason. If you are not sure of poppy seeds check it out here. It is a very simple and delicious payasa which is made on many festive occasions.

Gasagase Payasa :

Gasagase/Poppy Seeds : 1.5 fistfulls (Soak it for 2 hrs in luke warm water)
Grated Coconut : from 1 small coconut
Jaggery : 3/4 of the amount of grated coconut


Measure grated coconut. If coconut measures 3 cups take 2 cups of jaggery.
Grind coconut, jaggery and soaked poppy seeds in a blended to make a smooth paste. Use very less water to grind if required.
Remove the contents to a non stick pan and bring the contents to boil. You may dilute payasam with milk or with water.
Serve hot or chilled, both are lip smackingly delicious!

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