Unde Majjige Huli/Lentil dumplings in yoghurt sauce

English Translation to majjige huli was bit difficult. But just thought of putting it up as it may help non kannada users to understand the title.

My little one is now 4 month old and he rolls over :) Ever since he learned this new activity he has been practising it very well to master this activity.

Coming back to the recipe, please refer/click on majjige huli (click on this to get the recipe) to get basic majjige huli recipe.

Bele unde/Lentil dumplings

Togari Bele/Toor dal: Kadale Bele/Chana dal:Hesaru Bele/Moong dal: Together should make 1 cup
Hasiru Menasinakayi/green chilli: As required / Ruchige takkastu
Eerulli/Onion: 1 medium size (chopped finely)
Kottambari Soppu: 2 tbsp (chopped finely)
Jeera: 1/2tsp

Soak all lentils/bele for atleast 3hrs. Blend all lentils with green chillies, jeera and salt to a coarse paste.
Transfer to a bowl and add chopped onions and coriander. Make them into desired shape and steam them like idlis for about 15 -20 mins or till they are done. Dip them in Majjige huli and bring to boil. Serve with hot rice and enjoy them.

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